Chapter 25 Page 13

I’m sorry for a bit of a quiet time, I’m actually looking into doing a major move into a new place and I’ve been busy kinda planning and arranging for that, so my time has been a bit divided. So I’ve been moving a little slow this week, but I’m still working to get more pages done. It’s in my nature, and I really have learned to kinda use these pages as a way to relax, namely when I’m putting the shades down and start to see the page spring to life, that’s when I get happy.

Anyway, commentary aside. A new page for chapter 25 is up and ready for reading. Also we just installed an applause button on the bottom of each page, so if you enjoy it, please feel free to give us an applause. The more we get the better, because it reflects on the actual page. This feature is currently only available on the newest two chapters (chapters 24 and 25). We also have a feedback feature on the side so you can give us you’re thoughts to see how we are doing and how we can improve, this includes site issues as well. So anyway, you can click the thumbnail below to see the latest page right now.

Click thumbnail to see the latest page!

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