Chapter 26 Page 24

Brand new page for is up for chapter 26, which means we only have two more pages left on this chapter. As such we will be doing a DOUBLE page update on Wednesday to bring this chapter to a close. We’ll be taking a small break as we rest and prep chapter 27 which will be a BIG chapter for the overall story. However October is coming up, which means we’ll be bringing out some Halloween fun! Meanwhile, click the thumbnail below to read the latest page!

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Chapter 26 Page 23

Sorry to everyone for the delay, we’re back with regular updates. On today’s page, Zack reveals his reason for why he’s following his sister! Check it all out right now on today’s page by clicking the thumbnail below!

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Break Week + Previews

Sorry everyone, some things came up this week which prevented me from finishing today’s page, mostly family celebrations. As such, we will be on break Today. But we will be back to regular uploads this Wednesday. To show some form of proof, here’s some preview thumbs to what is coming up in our next few pages. See you all soon.

Page 23 Preview!
Page 24 Preview

Chapter 26 Page 22

New page is up today, that just leaves FOUR more pages before we finish this chapter. Zack’s starting to come to realization of what he really wants out of his training. Check it out on today’s brand new page for chapter 26. Click the thumbnail below to read the latest page!


Mermaid Dance Kalwa

Little sketch I did at lunchtime of Kalwa in her mermaid form from her crossover with Amber. Kinda imagined her rocking out to song “checkpoint” which was the opening theme song of the 1st season of Rent-a-Girlfriend, hence why she’s rocking her arms like the girls on the opening. Hope everyone likes it.

Chapter 26 Page 19

The violence has stopped, everyone’s safe. Now it’s time to share some words of wisdom. Zack’s lesson begins on today’s page.

Also on another note, we will be taking a break this coming Sunday so there will be no page update. But we will be back next week with brand new pages. Till then go ahead and click the thumbnail to read today’s page.


Chapter 26 Page 18

Karou’s not holding anything back, not with Zack and her own daughter’s life on the line. See how it all plays out on today’s page update. As usual, click the thumb below to see the latest page!