Chapter 24 Page 21

NEVERMIND!!! Despite my last post, I reliezed that the activity I was about to perform would really just inconvenience recent plans for today and just cause frustrations. Meanwhile the page was pretty much done and I had time to finish it. So here you go everyone, your early “late” page for today. As usual, click the link to see the new page.

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Kalwa and Kohaku

This is one of those projects I just gushed over, and all of yesterday I was just obsessed with finishing it. So those who know me should know that Dr. Stone is to date my favorite anime (other than Digimon which really just wins due to nostalgia) and Kohaku is also my “anime crush.” As a result I just love drawing her, and more of my drawings of her can be found over on the Green Raptor website.

Across the internet I’ve also been seeing a number of people coming up with their own Dr. Stone OC’s and then crossing them over with the canon characters. So since I already had a stone world design for Kalwa from last year, I decided to give it a whirl and (once again) I just gushed at the idea of my crush meeting own character. Real life wise, I’m not completely sure how well these two would get along with each other, Kohaku does have a decent sense of humor, so I could imagine a scenario like this playing out. I’m not completely sure Kohaku would approve of Kalwa playing with her knives, but she is known to have a great judge of character, so it’s possible.

Chapter 24 Page 20

Happy Saturday everyone, hope I can start up your day with a new page for chapter 24, featuring some fun bonding time with our girls. You should get a little hint from the thumb whose instigating this whole thing. As usual, click the thumb below to check out our latest page.

Exotic Dancers

One of the many works I did while in quarantine which was inspired after listening to some Nighcore remixs. I was listening to a remix version of the song “hips don’t lie,” and it featured a lovely image of a manga styled girl wearing a belly dancer outfit, which prompted me to drawn Kalwa and some of our more recently introduced females performing the dance. In reality this idea had been floating around in my brain for a while, but it was thanks to that image that I finally acted upon it.

Really these full color group shots are actually quite intimidating for me, because I feel that after the first or second character, my quality on the characters tends to diminish from all the work. So this piece was kinda padded out slowly to give all the characters equal attention to detail. I went working on some other projects in between to distract myself. So after this long time coming, I hope everyone enjoys what we got.

Chapter 24 Page 19

Another busy week of uploading, it’s what happens when you are at home with pretty much nothing to but work what you love. Well here you all go, new page and that much closer to finishing this chapter. As usual click the link below to view the latest page.

Chapter 24 Page 18

Happy Monday everyone, and a happy time to be alive. As promised yesterday, a new page is up for chapter 24 for your viewing pleasure. This is quite an exciting moment right here, because we’ve got some CHARACTER BACKSTORY going on here. One of my main goals since starting this arch and going forward is getting more character development out there. I’m really a real deep thinker when it comes to my characters and I’ve felt that earlier chapters didn’t quite develop all the characters the way I wanted, so it’s a new goal going forward from now on. So check out what we got by clicking the thumbnail below.

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Chapter 24 Page 17

Going for three updates this week everyone, that’s right THREE!!!! We got a third page up today for chapter 24 this week and we are about to explore a bit of backstory with Izuha whom we’ve gotten to know through this arch. Click the tumb below to see more.

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Chapter 24 Page 16

Probably the one good thing about being in quarantine is it’s forced me to do more work in an attempt from going “insane,” course lets be honest I’m already insane cause I willing chose to take on difficult lifestyle of a comic artist (lol). So I’m getting more done faster and even able to do stuff that’s been on my plate for a long time. So continuing on, new page today everyone!!!! Click the thumbnail below to see what we got!!!

Chapter 24 Page 10

I’ve hopefully developed a a new system that will help to reliably get new pages up at a more steady rate, and speaking of which we got a new one up right now. Should have a second one up later this week so we can move on through this chapter a steady rate. As usual, click the link below and see what we got.