Orestes Sketch

Straight from the sketchbook this is the first sketch of Orestes, the first enemy that Kalwa encounters on her travels. Mostly the character went unchanged from the initial design, the only real details being his footwear and his toga being made shorter mainly to accommodate him running. The wrinkles under his eyes were also added later, though they were purposely held back until after his true nature is revealed. As the character was meant to be very minor, his design was meant to be somewhat unique from background characters, though a little less detailed than more important characters. When he was first introduced, there were no plans to have the character return, this was added later to give the character closure. The return actually gave me a chance to redesign the character to look much more villainous than the first arch, which couldn’t initially be done as we were trying to make the character look innocent until his ultimate reveal.

Chapter Two publishing progress

Just some updates on the upcoming publication plans, chapter 1 has been mostly finished aside from dialogue changes, chapter two is now underway. I actually just finished cutting panels to fit in the template, now I’m starting to work on some slight redraws (see screen caps below), to better the illustrations and make a bit more impact. Looking to have the first vol finished by June!!!

Reverse Roles

So this idea just came to me yesterday and I just had to make it a reality. This is a revers role illustration of what the series would look like if Reko was the eccentric one with the phone and Kalwa was the head smart tech girl with the glasses. Actually kinda liking the glasses Kalwa quite a bit, she was actually based on Barbra Gordan as she appeared in Arkham Origins! Reko kinda came out looking a bit like Sora from Kingdom Hearts, though he was actually based a bit more off Yoshimori from Kekkaishi, a show I’ve only watched a few times.

Chapter Look Back: Chapter 10

Chapter 10 was designed as a “donut break” as the title of the chapter implies. While the Western arch was designed to give readers a taste of what the adventures what Kalwa’s adventures would be like, this chapter was meant to fill in some much needed explanations, namely on how the phone works. One such question that had been asked very early on was language and how Kalwa is able to communicate with people she’s traveled with. Little did readers know that this question had an answer from the very beginning of writing, and we were just waiting for the right moment to answer it.

Other elements worth noting in this chapter is the locations and layouts. Kalwa’s house is actually based off the townhouse that one of my high school friends stayed in (albeit many differences). I almost feel very limited in this regard as I have not stepped foot in very many town houses or apartments, so every time I think of layout all I can imagine is this one single house, so I try my best to take that concept and then add some original touches to it. The Supermarket meanwhile was based on a Dunkin Donuts in the town I grew up in, though most everyone there did speak english properly.

Chapter 10 also served as the start of Kalwa’s “tense” relationship with her mother. Initially when the story was being written this story line was not in the original plan, however I felt it would ultimately give Kalwa some flaws and a bit of realism to have a bit of tension with her mother. This particular plot line was actually drawn from my own mother who actually had tension with and occasional arguments with her mom. I personally believe in most teenagers, tension seems to be great in the parent of the same gender as my own teenage years had a bit of the same backstory. As time went on this tension actually developed into an entire plot line with the mother in many ways acting as Kalwa’s personal own antagonist, biting down on limiting her activities. This plot line has since played out and has underlined many of the more recent chapters.


Just a Friendly Reminder…

Stay safe out there, wash your hands and keep your loved ones protected. This is a very uncertain time I would be lying if I myself said I wasn’t scared. But America has faced uncertainty before and we’ve always come out in the end, and above all, don’t let it impede your ability to laugh and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Stay Strong!!!

StoneWorld Kalwa

This is the first of a five part series which will feature Kalwa as she would appear in the worlds of five anime series. This first one is what Kalwa would look like if she lived in the Stone World from the anime Dr. Stone. She would probably of the warrior class because she loves action. Four more illustrations are to come, so be on the lookout for what anime Kalwa will visit next.

Brand New Blog of Creating Kalwa!

A brand new blog post of creating Kalwa up. The theme today is reviving the original concept from my high school days and bringing to forward to the project it is today. Click the thumbnail down below and read the latest blog right now as we continue to update our ongoing production journal on how Kalwa was created and what direction it has taken.

WIP Dr. Stone styled Kalwa

Just an idea that came to mind after drawing Kohaku from Dr. Stone (see the Green Raptor Website), this is an image of what Kalwa would look like if she lived in the Stoneworld from Dr. Stone. This is actually the first of a five illustration series, which will feature costumes from four other popular anime.