90’s Kid Kalwa

Probably a little old fashioned and cliche’, but I just had the urge to draw Kalwa like this after listening to Nightcore’s remix of Cherry Gum by Dolly Style. The artwork featured three girls dressed in this style, so I just had an urge to do this.

New Pages to Chapter 20

Chapter 20 has now been updated and has now reached page 26! Normally this is where the chapter ends, but this particular chapter WILL HAVE AN EPILOGUE of an additional four pages. Don’t think you’ll want to miss what it will be. In the meantime, click that thumbnail and check out what’s going on.

Chapter 20 Update!!!

So I know it’s been a bit of a break since I last updated Chapter 20, this was due to some work related events going on as of late. I was so tired after working that I just didn’t have energy to upload to both the site and smackjeeves. But Chapter 20 is now updated with a whomping FOUR new pages featuring the return of an old rival of Kalwa’s. Check out the updated chapter 20 by clicking the thumbnail below.