Kalwa Simonen has just found the ultimate cure for her lingering boredom, a time machine in the form of a cell phone, developed by the industrial giant A-Tech. Now equipped within this newfound power, Kalwa embarks on the ultimate thrill of a lifetime by adventuring through time eras and bringing back a few souvenirs from her trips.  

But though things start off as good clean fun, Kalwa soon learns about the many dangers that come with time travel. As well as finding herself caught up in a centuries old conflict between A-Tech and mysterious group of individuals who are searching for seven ancient relics scattered throughout the vast planes of time. 

Danger, mystery and adventure await in this ongoing comic book series by Green Raptor Studios, where the adventure is never the same. 

about the cast

Kalwa Simonen

Age: 16

Blood Type: A

Favorite Color: Orange

With a spirited personality and a longing for adventure, Kalwa wishes for a life of thrills and wonder just like the characters she reads about in comic books.  She finally gets her wish the day she finds a special cell phone with the power to transport its user through time and space.

Armed with this new power, Kalwa embarks on a series of thrill adventures, savoring the experience and collecting a few treasures along the way. But though her adventures may start off as good clean fun, she soon learns that no power comes without a price… and that price may be more than what she’s prepared to handle.

Reko Bernermier

Age: 16

Blood Type: AB

Favorite Color: Blue

Kalwa’s childhood friend and pen pal while she was living in New York.   While Reko remains suspicious about the phone and tends to be more cautious when it comes to adventure, he cares more about Kalwa being happy and therefore supports her in any way he can. 

Reko mostly serves as a techie of the group, learning about how the phone works and making upgrades to better help his friends.  Though Reko’s intentions are good, he has at times bared a heavy burden for allowing his friends to jump into danger, especially when they don’t come back unscarred. 

Zack Simonen

Age: 12

Blood Type: AB

Favorite Color: Blue/Red

Kalwa’s younger brother whom she’s defended since they were little kids. Zack has always been a bit of a pushover and has usually depended on others to protect him, a fact that he has secretly been ashamed of for so many years.  Zack was first dragged into the fray after an accidental time warp, and ultimately wound up in the hospital.

Upon recovery, Zack found his sister in a severely distressed state and decided to tag along with her as a way to give back the support she’s given him all these years.  He has since become Kalwa’s main partner out in the field with a new found determination to learn how to stand on his own two feet.



Peter Ahola

An avid comic fan, cartoon watcher, toy collector and dinosaur lover. Peter first started writing and drawing comics in high school where he initially created the “original version” of Kalwa, which featured character sketches, story synopsis and a handful of hand drawn comic pages.

Upon graduating from college in 2014, Peter began working on his own comics and creations under the name Green Raptor Studios, named after a beloved green raptor toy that he currently owns. Digging up the old pages and designs, Peter decided to revitalize the Kalwa comic with new designs, characterization and overall plot, which has made Kalwa a staple in the Green Raptor Studios library.