Chapter 23 Page 14

Second new page of the week is up for chapter 23 as our heroes finally reach the dojo they have so looked for since this chapter began. Check out this little family reunion in the latest page by click the thumbnail below.

Chapter 23 Page 13

So sorry for the week long break, I’ve been doing some heavy stuff around the house and I’ve been highly distracted. Also this particular page featured A LOT of detail that took quite a bit of time. Backgrounds aren’t exactly my specialty, and while I can draw them, they tend to stunt me a bit more than actual people. So doing something on this scale was most challenging to me, so I kinda padded it out a bit till I could get it just right. Anyway, we are back with a new page for your entertainment, as usual, click the thumbnail below to see the finished product.

Update on the next page!

So I’m just giving an update on where things stand as of now on the next page of chapter 23, so this week I got really distracted with some household organizing. Been cleaning and purging some old stuff and it has left me buys and drained at the end of the day, so I’ve been working a little slow this week. Also the next page has a really detailed landscape appearance which may be a little harder to do compared to previous pages. So it might take a little longer than before. Nonetheless I’m working and here’s a screenshot of what’s going on right now. Be on the lookout for the finished product soon.

Taking her out?

A bit of a sequel to the red dress drawing titled “care to dance” from a few years ago, the same one that was recently reposted for Valentines Day. I also wanted to do something with fireworks because I’ve been completely obsessed with the main theme song from the anime movie.

Chapter 23 page 12

A new page is up and going today everybody, sorry for the later ind day posting. But I wanted to have a good bit of time to go over before posting. As usual, click the thumbnail below to view the newest page.

Happy Valentines Day

Happy day of love everyone, hope you spend it with your special one. Kalwa herself doesn’t have anybody particularly special, but you can enjoy this old red dress image from a couple years ago.

Chapter 23 Page 11

Thanks all for waiting, I just was so busy last night and couldn’t give good judgement to this page before uploading it. So I wanted to come in fresh and ready to upload the next day. Anyway, the new page is up right now, as usual, click the thumbnail to see the new page!

Kalwa Chapter 21 Page 10

My internet has been giving me some major problems lately, and I got a little swamped yesterday after I left my mouse to charge. But we are back on with yet another page entry in chapter 23, we’re now officially up to page 10, which means we are nearly at the halfway point of this chapter. Now today, we introduce a new character who will be playing a major role in this arch and the entire story as a whole. As usual, click the thumbnail below to see the newest page.