Chapter 22 Page 12

Secrets are reveled and motivations are unveiled. What is it that A-Tech want’s with this group of individuals and what is their secret, the answers are in today’s update, click the thumb below and read what’s happening!

Rachel Face Chart

This was a character chart of made of Rachel quite some time ago. Even though I like her design, she’s possibly the most difficult to draw of the Desert Vixens. It’s mainly due to her hair, I find it really difficult to draw her hair consistently over the course of several panels. Usually when I draw characters in the sketchbook I tend to draw them once or twice just to have a note of their hair and I can form other angles while working on the comic. However every so often I wind up doing a character that I do need reference for, hence the heavy footnotes in the chart.

Early Page Update!

Happy 4th of July everyone! As an added treat, we’ve got a brand new page for chapter 22 up and ready a day early. Click the thumbnail below and see what’s going on in today’s update!!!

Zack Sketch Practice

This was sketch practice I did of Zack shortly before the second Greece story arch. This was actually the finalization of his hair style. As I was working through on edits of chapter 1 for the publication, I was really thinking back on the initial design of Zack’s hairstyle. The first design was more straight up spiky, with his points actually going straight up. This initial design was actually based off another character named Bervo who I had made for another comic I had initially made in high school

Chapter 22 Page 9

So Kalwa’s now met this new group of characters all of which seem to have mysterious purpose. But who is there LEADER? That is who we will be meeting in today’s page update. Click the thumbnail below and find out.

Kalwa Chapter 22 Page 8

Sorry this one was late, it was a bit of heavy page with so many characters appearing on-screen. Nevertheless page 8 is up right now. Click the thumbnail to see all these new characters we are bringing along!