Kalwa CHapter 27 PAGE 13

Its another Monday, so we got another page update for you… and some news…

This week will be our LAST updates on the chapter as we will be taking a break next week on account of me moving. I’m not going very far and got time off the day job, so I should hopefully be back to updates pretty fast.

Also I do want to get back to showing off more on this website than just updates. I’d like to put on some concept sketches and everything. The problem is I don’t have a scanner and in my current apartment I haven’t had the best lighting. So it’s been hard for me to get these up. But in this new house I’ll actually have a self contained studio with better lighting so I’m hoping to do more going forward. So I will work on on that in the near future!


Kalwa chapter 27 double update!

I got real busy Sunday night with another project and completely forgot to upload the Monday page. Didn’t even realize it until the afternoon of which I was at my day job. So I decided this week, we will just combine both pages into a DOUBLE page update for Wednesday. So enjoy a double helping of pages by clicking that thumbnail right below!!!!


Chapter 27 Page 5 UPDATE!

I’m SOOOOOO SORRRRYYY for the late in the day update. I was working on some of the newer pages for the chapter and they are kinda making me CRAZY, because they involve a lot of characters on screen and detail on top of my day job and other projects. So I was way too tired last night to schedule and then I had to attend to life things this morning. So I couldn’t make the need updates until now. Anyway, new page is up and ready for reading. Click the thumb below to chekc it out.

Wardrobe MAlfunction

A lunchtime sketch made into a full on digital drawing. The Desert Vixens from the Western arc attempting to put on a swimsuit photoshoot, only everything is going completely wrong. Also in case this drawing doesn’t make it obvious, Cassidy is not at all bothered by concept of nudity. Little tide over as we wait for chapter 27, which I remind everyone starts on Monday.

More Chapter 27 Previews

I meant to post these last night, but I was tired from the day job and then tired out even more after working on them.

So here’s some more shots from the upcoming chapter 27. None of these pages are fully toned yet or have these special effects added. But you can see where we are heading with it.

I’m looking to start uploading this chapter by the end of this month/ start of next month. I’m hoping to have a total of 10 pages done for a buffer but don’t know if I’ll make it, but I’ll still have some pre-made pages ready for upload so we hopefully won’t fall behind so much.

Time to Duel

Was anyone expecting this? Well you get to see it now. I’ve been watching YU-GI-OH! on streaming, at first I was doing it just to laugh, as the first season was so wrecked by 4kids that it was actually funny to watch, course I’d do research to find out what the story was actually like to see past the 4kids changes. However ContTv started airing archs like the KC Grand Championship and Pharaoh’s Memories which I never saw as a kid, so I’m kinda watching it seriously to see what I missed as a kid. Later episodes are better, but still somewhat muddy thanks to 4kids.

Anyway, got the inspiration to draw Kalwa with a Duel Disk, also this is a new outfit I’m planing to have her wear starting soon, except she’ll have longer leggings.

Ninja Kalwa

Back from a bit of a break. I’ve been working on some other artwork on the Green Raptor website and other online accounts, plus preparing for a trip. So I’ve been a tad distracted since the end of Halloween. But here’s a new art piece for the time being, This ninja Kalwa drawing was actually started last month, but I didn’t want to disrupt the Halloween sprit, so I put it off till I finished the Halloween draw off over on the Green Raptor site. Hope you all enjoy.

Sketchbook Outfit Updates

Coming straight from the sketchbook a few more pieces on the new outfit designs. It’s been kinda hard to work on these due to the big Halloween draw off over on the Green Raptor Site, and the day job with social media. These are a little more refined versions of the previous drawings posted. After watching the Owl House on Disney+, I grew kinda interested in the idea of leggings after seeing them on series protagonist Luz Noceta. Thought I’d try them on Kalwa, plus it would help avoid any underwear shots and better hide her legs scars. Zack I’m looking to make the official supply guy, kinda dress him up have a faithful sidekick carrying supplies for the adventure. The idea for gloves is kinda meant to reflect his fragile nature, showing he’s taking small steps to better himself.

Kalwa Outfit Sketch
Zack Outfit Sketch