Kalwa and Amber mermaid Dance

Crossover with another Green Raptor studios character, Amber, as Kalwa takes part in a mermaid dance. She also finally gets a new mermaid look just for this image.


Hello fellow viewers long time no post. I wanted to post an let everyone know what’s going on right now. So on Sunday I officially moved into my first apartment and this whole week I’ve been so busy setting up and getting settled. I actually didn’t even get my computer set up until Wednesday so I couldn’t even post. I meant to post something before taking down the computer, but everything just moved so fast and I couldn’t do it.

So as a general note, all my free time this week has been spent setting up because I really can’t stand the sight of a messy house. But progress is going great and things are moving smoothly. As for what’s coming up, it’s mostly just drawings andI’ll really get rolling once my house is fully set up. Here’s a small little progress of what’s coming up right now. Thanks all for you’re patience.

Chapter 25 Page 24

Today’s update is getting off a little late. I recently developed a sore throat that became a cough, so I’ve been trying to fight it off and wanted to turn in early last night. Usually the pages are already uploaded to the pages and by the time these posts are scheduled, they’ve already been up there for a few hours. But last night I just couldn’t do it and just wanted to go to bed to try and get better.

Anyway, here’s the latest page to chapter 25, the final two pages of this chapter will be up next week as we wrap up yet another chapter in this arch! As usual click the thumbnail below to see what we got.

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Chapter 25 Page 23

Nearing the end of another chapter everyone. As I may have mentioned before, I’m getting ready to move to a new apartment, so I’m hurrying to get this chapter finished before the move. So it’s been a bit of an obsessive time, but we are now only three pages away from finishing. As usual, click the thumb below to read the latest page.

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Chapter 25 Page 20

Wednesday update once again for chapter 25 as Kalwa officially begins her rematch with Hideyohsi. The next test of training is on in this next page. Click the thumbnail below to read our latest page for chapter 25.

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Chapter 25 Page 17

Monday means another page update. Page 17 is now up for your reading pleasure. Tip for you all, it’s best to read this page on a rainy day where ever you are, probably won’t be one where I’m located, but maybe you’ll have some better luck. As usual, click the thumbnail below to check out the latest page and please leave an applause if you enjoy the page, as it really helps the site a lot.

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Chapter 25 Page 17

A new page is up and this page officially dives into Hideyoshi’s past. This is really one worth checking out.

Also we are making some changes to the website. New pages will be published on Monday and Wednesday’s unless otherwise noted in advance, also we might sneak out a third page every so often. This schedule will take a slight break in early March as I’ll be moving to a new apartment at that time and will need a little time to set up, I’ll give notice on that when we get to it.

In the meantime, check out the new page we got going today by clicking the thumb below.

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Chapter 25 Page 15

Happy Monday everyone, another day another week. Well to start off your week, a new page for chapter 25 is now up for your reading pleasure. We are now more than half way through this chapter as Kalwa continues her recovery from her horiffic experience in Whitechappel. I’ll also be doing an announcement soon about updates and schedule of new pages. I’m going thorough a bit of a move and kinda want to get settled before committing. But I’ll give an update soon. As usual, click the thumbnail below to see the latest page.

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