Lunch Time sketch Roundup

So I mentioned this on the official Kalwa facebook page, I started bringing my sketchbook to my day job, mainly for lunchtime. I have a tendency to eat my lunch super fast and then I have the remainder of an hour to sit around and do nothing. Since it’s pretty hard for me to use the sketchbook at home after a full day of working on the regular artwork, I decided to bring it and use the sit down time to work on some art. These sketches range from just plain practice (like the action scenes) to concept which is also practice for future chapters (such as the ponytail Kalwa) to some style experimentation (such as the realistic sketch below).

All these sketches get uploaded via photo shoot on the facebook page as they are finished. They will be uploaded here to this website in edited format once I get enough of them. So enjoy the show here, and if you want to check out the facebook page, the link is always in the sidebar on this website.

Chapter 25 Page 5

The holidays are upon us and if you’re all like me, your probably feeling a bit overwhelmed, I’m trying to do some special stuff for the family and I tend to be a little obsessive about getting things done. But don’t worry, I’m still committed to to getting regular pages out even during the tough times. So here we are with a new one for your viewing pleasure today.

The page updates will take a slight break due to a family commitment coming up like right now. But we will resume new pages by late next week. For right now, click the thumbnail below and see what we got for you today!!!

Chapter 25 Page 4

Chapter 25 has a new page up today for your viewing pleasure, and you might start seeing the sparks of bonding fly on this one. Not much else to say. As usual, click the thumbnail below to view the latest page to chapter 25!

Chapter 25 Page 3

Happy… uh… Black Friday. Do we consider this a holiday or a day of pure insanity, who knows. Well in case you had a bad day, just tired or not really doing much. We got a brand new page for chapter 25 out today, and it’s a night scene which are always fun to do with the playing of light and dramatic shading. Also I finally fixed the menu issue I was complaining about with the last update, it’s really just a matter of doing my old methods in a different way. Gonna take some time to get use to it, but I’ll manage. As usual, click the link below and see the latest page.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing you all a happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy this day with your loved ones and remember to be thankful for what you have in life, because you never know when you may not have it. And thank you all for your support and interest in what we produce here on this site, for it is your support that helps make all of this possible. Happy Thanksgiving once again!

Happy Turkey Day


Sorry for the quiet three days. Just a major update that 25 will start up here on the site TOMORROW! Yes, that’s right tomorrow. The finished cover will go up with two pages, the likes of which have been previewed in the sketch stage. So be on the look out for an official update as we kick off the next part of Japanese Arch!

Chapter 25 Preview

A little preview of chapter 25 from where it stands right now. I’m still waiting for the script, but my co-writer says he should get it to me by the end of the week. As such, I’m just getting a leg up on the first two pages so when the script comes back I can get them out faster. So here’s a little preview of chapter 25 coming real soon.

Chapter 25 Cover Preview

Here first on the website, here’s a a look at the cover to chapter 25, colored and just about ready to go. Still have’t come up with a tag line for the cover yet, but it’ll be something along the lines of “inner strength.” I’m still waiting to get the script back, but I’m working on some other projects under the Green Raptor name and of course practicing in the sketchbook. More info coming as we get closer to the actual chapter 25.

Old Art Dump

Lunchtime break and I sadly brought the wrong art bag today, so I can’t draw in the old sketchbook today. So here’s a little Art Dump of some old images previously put up on the site. I think all these images can be found on the gallery section of the site. The first one might not, just be the last page of chapter 23. Anyway, enjoy the mini gallery!

Kalwa Bathhouse
The Pack Hunts at Dusk