Halloween 2021–preview

As we all know, Halloween is coming up and of course that always leads to some fun. Well, we got another Kalwa illustration coming to site this fall. BUT while it will be done in the next few days you’ll have to wait till Halloween to see it. Don’t worry there will be other stuff going up on the site but this piece will remain secret till Halloween. But I do leave you with this little preview from a WIP to give you all a small taste.


It’s here everyone, the remake of the very first Halloween piece I had ever done for Kalwa, now with more updated techniques and skills learned since then. Just for an FYI, Kalwa’s not really a witch here, she’s just using the effects of the phone to better her costume. I’ve got another Kalwa halloween piece coming later this month so be on the lookout for that later on.

Witch Kalwa remake coming soon!

I don’t remember if I mentioned this on the website, or just on the facebook page, but I was interested in remaking an old piece of Kalwa as the Witch of Time, which I recently reposted in the Halloween look back post a little while ago. Well it’s taken a bit of time, but it’s officially happening, and here’s a screenshot preview of what’s coming. This image is being posted exclusively to the website, those who follow our facebook page might notice that the image below is quite different than the one posted there. That’s because I’ve had a lot of trouble getting this project off the ground because I felt my previous drawings were just too boring and not very epic looking. I had a vision for this piece and it just wasn’t coming out, until tonight when it finally came out. So here’s a little look at what’s coming this haunting month of the year (lol).

Chapter 24 Concluded

We’re there everyone, here on October 1st we conclude another chapter in the Kalwa story. Chapter 24 has now concluded, so as per usual, chapter updates will take a small break while we prep the next script for chapter 25, but be on the look out for art updates and behind the scenes and more coming soon. Meanwhile, check out what we got by click the thumb below.

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Chapter 24 Page 25

Only one more page is left before this chapter is finished. As I mentioned yesterday both pages are drawn and I’m working to get the last page up this weekend, so we can check off another chapter in this long journey we’ve taken so far. As usual, click the thumbnail to see the latest page.

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So I mentioned a little while ago that there was some behind the scenes story with the recent page 22 and I want to share as a note to future comic artists. So when I’m doing pages, I tend to try to break up the actual drawing process and the inking process. I will usually strive to get the drawing done one night and then do the inking another. The reason being is so I can dislodge myself from the drawing and take a second look at it before finalizing it, as I might be tired and unable to properly judge immediately after drawing.

A primary example of this being the recent chapter 24 page 22. Initially I had a different angle for Kalwa in the original drawing of the page, which can be seen below on the original pencil drawing. However during inking I felt it looked real boring and not very dynamic at all. The viewer couldn’t get a sense of her strength or really absorb the power of her weapon. So in the 11th hour during Inking the pose was changed to what we have today as also seen below. So in my closing statement, I say to all that it’s always good to break up the drawing and the inking in order to properly judge situations such as this. Give yourself some time to gather your thoughts and better judge your work, don’t be so obsessive on timing if it means turning in a product you won’t be happy with.

Chapter 24 Page 22

Sorry everyone for the late post, I was busy shopping this morning for some supplies, and spent longer out than I planned, mostly because I was looking for the stuff in store. This page also took longer to make partially because I was working on some personal hobbies. But more importantly, it involves two characters locked in combat, which always are harder to do. I have a lot of trouble working two people into battle because the poses always get hard to lock together in the way I want, as well as making it clear to the reader what is happening. So that’s just how it works sometimes, regardless, enjoy the new page by clicking the thumbnail.

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Chapter 24 Page 21

NEVERMIND!!! Despite my last post, I reliezed that the activity I was about to perform would really just inconvenience recent plans for today and just cause frustrations. Meanwhile the page was pretty much done and I had time to finish it. So here you go everyone, your early “late” page for today. As usual, click the link to see the new page.

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Chapter 24 Page 20

Happy Saturday everyone, hope I can start up your day with a new page for chapter 24, featuring some fun bonding time with our girls. You should get a little hint from the thumb whose instigating this whole thing. As usual, click the thumb below to check out our latest page.