Chapter 27 Page 14

Our break time is over, at least you for wonderful readers. I’ve spent the last five days behind the scenes doing a lot of physical labor putting the new place together. There still much work to do on the new house, but at least I’ve got the essentials done (kitchen, studio, bedroom). Much better to get it done now on break than to have to juggle it with a day job and the usual work.

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It’s time for another update for the chapter 27, and as I mentioned, this will be the LAST update for two weeks. Next week we will be taking a break from updates next week on account of me moving and needing to produce more pages for a cache. Otherwise we could wind up in a tough spot when it comes to future uploads. So check out what we got and if you’re not caught up on this chapter (or others) this break is a great time to catch up. As usual, click the link below to read the latest page!


Chapter 27 begins!!!

Thank you everyone for your patience, I know it’s been a LONG wait. But today is the day, Kalwa chapter 27 is now officially starting up on this website. Pages 1 and 2 are up today while page 3 will be up on Wednesday.

Word of warning, this chapter will be DARK, like really really DARK. Not every character we love and know is gonna get out of this situation alive. If that doesn’t dissuade you, begin your reading right now by clicking the thumbnail down below.

More Chapter 27 Previews

I meant to post these last night, but I was tired from the day job and then tired out even more after working on them.

So here’s some more shots from the upcoming chapter 27. None of these pages are fully toned yet or have these special effects added. But you can see where we are heading with it.

I’m looking to start uploading this chapter by the end of this month/ start of next month. I’m hoping to have a total of 10 pages done for a buffer but don’t know if I’ll make it, but I’ll still have some pre-made pages ready for upload so we hopefully won’t fall behind so much.

Chapter 26 Page 20

We are BACK everyone, with new pages here for you’re viewing pleasure. And now we get into the “juice” of this chapter. Last chapter Hideyoshi told Kalwa about his past and what he had to learn along the way just to survive. Now it’s Karou’s turn to pass on her knowledge to Zack. Click the thumbnail below and start exploring things from Karou’s point of view!


Chapter 26 Page 18

Karou’s not holding anything back, not with Zack and her own daughter’s life on the line. See how it all plays out on today’s page update. As usual, click the thumb below to see the latest page!


Chapter 26 Page 14

New page is live right now on chapter 26 as trouble starts brewing for our travelers. As usual, click the thumbnail below to check out the latest page!

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