Chapter 26 Starts next week!

Thank you all for your patience. It’s been a real challenge getting this chapter rolling, I just moved into a new apartment and now Ryan’s moving into one as well, with both our lives changing it’s been so hard to get the ball rolling. But we are finally ready to launch chapter 26, the first few pages are nearly done and ready to go, I just need to do some toning. Uploads should start on Monday if all goes according to plan, thanks all for your patience and here’s some preview shots of what’s to come.


I wanted to address the lack of activity. First of all, I have been very active on other social media, but haven’t so much on this or the Green Raptor site. Moving into a new place and working a day job has left me a bit exhausted and working on the other artwork has kinda left it hard to update.

So to give a few updates, chapter 26 IS being written right now. I’m not sure when exactly it will start. I’m working to have the script to my co-writer by next Sunday, but my co-writer is getting ready to move into his own place and I know from first hand experience that is really gonna slow down a lot cause it takes a while to get setup. So we will see how that will go, meanwhile I’ll be doing some more work on other Green Raptor projects which I’ll work to give updates on.

Meanwhile, here’s a little sketch I did a little while ago of Kalwa with wet hair. It just hit me a while ago I’ve never drawn her with wet hair, even during bath scenes she usually keeps her head above water and just gets shoulder deep. So here’s Kalwa with wet hair.


Hello fellow viewers long time no post. I wanted to post an let everyone know what’s going on right now. So on Sunday I officially moved into my first apartment and this whole week I’ve been so busy setting up and getting settled. I actually didn’t even get my computer set up until Wednesday so I couldn’t even post. I meant to post something before taking down the computer, but everything just moved so fast and I couldn’t do it.

So as a general note, all my free time this week has been spent setting up because I really can’t stand the sight of a messy house. But progress is going great and things are moving smoothly. As for what’s coming up, it’s mostly just drawings andI’ll really get rolling once my house is fully set up. Here’s a small little progress of what’s coming up right now. Thanks all for you’re patience.

Chapter 25 Page 13

I’m sorry for a bit of a quiet time, I’m actually looking into doing a major move into a new place and I’ve been busy kinda planning and arranging for that, so my time has been a bit divided. So I’ve been moving a little slow this week, but I’m still working to get more pages done. It’s in my nature, and I really have learned to kinda use these pages as a way to relax, namely when I’m putting the shades down and start to see the page spring to life, that’s when I get happy.

Anyway, commentary aside. A new page for chapter 25 is up and ready for reading. Also we just installed an applause button on the bottom of each page, so if you enjoy it, please feel free to give us an applause. The more we get the better, because it reflects on the actual page. This feature is currently only available on the newest two chapters (chapters 24 and 25). We also have a feedback feature on the side so you can give us you’re thoughts to see how we are doing and how we can improve, this includes site issues as well. So anyway, you can click the thumbnail below to see the latest page right now.

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