Chapter 24 Page 20

Happy Saturday everyone, hope I can start up your day with a new page for chapter 24, featuring some fun bonding time with our girls. You should get a little hint from the thumb whose instigating this whole thing. As usual, click the thumb below to check out our latest page.

Exotic Dancers

One of the many works I did while in quarantine which was inspired after listening to some Nighcore remixs. I was listening to a remix version of the song “hips don’t lie,” and it featured a lovely image of a manga styled girl wearing a belly dancer outfit, which prompted me to drawn Kalwa and some of our more recently introduced females performing the dance. In reality this idea had been floating around in my brain for a while, but it was thanks to that image that I finally acted upon it.

Really these full color group shots are actually quite intimidating for me, because I feel that after the first or second character, my quality on the characters tends to diminish from all the work. So this piece was kinda padded out slowly to give all the characters equal attention to detail. I went working on some other projects in between to distract myself. So after this long time coming, I hope everyone enjoys what we got.

Chapter 24 Page 18

Happy Monday everyone, and a happy time to be alive. As promised yesterday, a new page is up for chapter 24 for your viewing pleasure. This is quite an exciting moment right here, because we’ve got some CHARACTER BACKSTORY going on here. One of my main goals since starting this arch and going forward is getting more character development out there. I’m really a real deep thinker when it comes to my characters and I’ve felt that earlier chapters didn’t quite develop all the characters the way I wanted, so it’s a new goal going forward from now on. So check out what we got by clicking the thumbnail below.

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Page 14 pencil screenshot

I know this page was already uploaded this page finished a few days of ago, but I was looking at the old WIP screenshot of the finished pencil and wanted to share it. Truth be told when you’re working on these pages so much you tend to forget the finer things, like the beauty of a pencil drawing. Normally this kinda stuff is shared on our simply social media so enjoy it here.

Chapter 24 Page 14

Second page update this week everyone and our last one of “fan service” for a little while. So enjoy what you see for the time being. As usual click the thumbnail below.

Pencils for Ch 24 pg 1

It’s beginning everyone, I went out yesterday with some friends abs kinda spent the day out. But I did do at least three mock up pages for the next chapter, and page one has been fully pencilled. Here’s a shot of what we got going and what to expect.

Reizo Sketches

So now comes Reizo, the latest villain to debut in Kalwa, even though he was only seen briefly at the end of the last chapter. Reizo was actually a character who I had been planning for as he was a character from my original version of Kalwa drawn back in high school. However the character here is racially different from the version I had drawn then, most notably the hair. I really wanted Reizo to appear as an overly serious and downright scary person, so I put a lot of emphasis on his eyes, styling them to look slim and snake like. As with other members of his group, he is covered in rags and battle scars which he wears as a symbol of pride. The little backstory about his facial scar which was mentioned at the beginning of chapter 24 was something I came up with on the spot while writing the script as a way to add more character development.

Happy Valentines Day

Happy day of love everyone, hope you spend it with your special one. Kalwa herself doesn’t have anybody particularly special, but you can enjoy this old red dress image from a couple years ago.

Chapter 23 update!

I got the script back from my co-writer on Christmas Day and we are officially set to start up chapter 23. I think I posted the cover a few months ago, but here’s a wip of the first page, minus the dialogue. I’m pleased to announce that chapter 23 will officially debut on New Year’s Day this year, with a two page debut. This first page has actually already been completed and the next page is already being started.

Without going into too many spoilers, this next chapter will start a new story arch set in Feudal Japan, with Kalwa and Zack both learning to get back on ones feet, namely on Kalwa’s end. Well be introducing some new characters who will actually be having quite the impact on the overall story, show off some fighting styles and hopefully give some readers a bit of insight on what life was like in the feudal days of Japan. We’re also going to be tying off a little plot thread that’s been wondering around for quite some time which is what you’re starting to see here. So join us on New Year’s Day as we proudly debut the next story arch in this saga!