Just giving everyone an update about what’s happening this week. Since it’s Christmas week, page updates will NOT be going up this week, I will however be working on more pages behind the scenes and start uploading those next week.

So for the remainder of this week, I’ll be uploading a few other items. I’ll look into uploading some more sketches from the sketchbooks, whether it’ll be another lunchtime sketch grouping or just some stuff from the past, I don’t know. So look for that.

But finally the big thing. On Christmas Eve I’ll be posting the Christmas picture for the year. I’m sorry to say but the first one I initially previewed got deleted by accident, because I didn’t clear my desktop properly. So I had to start over and I was working all day yesterday on the image. The original image was supposed to be a group image with Kalwa singing in a red dress while Reko was playing the piano and Zack was holding the musical sheets, but after it was deleted, I decided to just make it a solo on Kalwa. I’ll look to do something with the group for New Years.

Right here is a small WIP preview of the finished piece to give you an idea of what’s coming up, and check back on Christmas Eve for the finished product right here. And once again, thank you everyone for you’re support this year, I really appreciate everyone who visits the site.

Christmas Illustration Preview

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