Young HIdeyoshi and Karou

Hello again everyone, back with a bit of an update. So I’ve been a bit busy recently working on Halloween related stuff both for this site and the Green Raptor site. In fact I actually get kinda stressed this time of the year because I feel a great deal of pressure trying to get Halloween related stuff out before the big holiday, which is especially stressful when I got a chapter to work on in addition to all that.

Fortunately it’s all done, and I’ll get to writing the script to the next chapter next week, as well as get cover designs going. To give you all a little preview and show you some work, here’s a work straight from the sketchbook. So we’ve spent two chapters thus far in Japan at the fortress of Hideyoshi and his wife Karou. Well next chapter you’ll get to see them as children and the origins of their home will be revealed. These are the first sketches of them as kids, though I think there will be some slight changes before the final product. So enjoy this sneak preview of what you’ll see, straight from the sketchbook.

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