There’s a couple of things I’ve got to address at the moment just to keep everyone in the loop right now as to what’s going on and how updates are going. So here’s a list to talk about.


Simple update on the halloween drawing. I already uploaded a small preview and I’m uploading another one right now. The piece is mainly finished, but of course it will not go up till Halloween. So be on the lookout for that on Sunday the 31st.


I just sent the last two dialogue sheets to my co-writer for review. To keep you all in the loop the first published volume will contain chapters 1-5. It will have some modifications to to old artwork and touch ups to dialogue. We are looking for an ebook amazon publication for the month of December with physical books sometime early next year. More on that as we get closer.

Chapter 25

I haven’t started work on the script yet, I’ve had to work heavy hours at my day job, and then my time has been occupied doing Halloween related art for both Kalwa and the Green Raptor Site. I’ve got one more piece to do excluding the Kalwa piece I keep mentioning. Plus I had to do the work for publication. Once the last of the Halloween stuff is done I’ll get going on the script. If I focus, the script should be finished by the end of October and we will hopefully start rolling on the next chapter in November, I will keep you posted on that.

More Sketches and Work

I’ve been pretty bad at uploading this mainly because I’m so busy on other stuff and of course I’m at work most days. But I”ll try to scan them in and show them off on the site, possibly even get a few scanned in the next two days.

That’s all I got to report, just wanted to give you all an update.

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