Witch Kalwa remake coming soon!

I don’t remember if I mentioned this on the website, or just on the facebook page, but I was interested in remaking an old piece of Kalwa as the Witch of Time, which I recently reposted in the Halloween look back post a little while ago. Well it’s taken a bit of time, but it’s officially happening, and here’s a screenshot preview of what’s coming. This image is being posted exclusively to the website, those who follow our facebook page might notice that the image below is quite different than the one posted there. That’s because I’ve had a lot of trouble getting this project off the ground because I felt my previous drawings were just too boring and not very epic looking. I had a vision for this piece and it just wasn’t coming out, until tonight when it finally came out. So here’s a little look at what’s coming this haunting month of the year (lol).

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