Kohaku Kalwa

Once again it’s Halloween time, and Kalwa’s dressing up this year as Kohaku from Dr.Stone. More Halloween fun is on the way this year so stick around!!!!

Kalwa Halloween 2021

Happy Halloween everyone, hope you all enjoy the day and get plenty of sugar in your system (lol). Well here’s a special celebration drawing for the year. I’ve been posting some teasers of this in previous weeks but wanted to hold it back for this particular day.

So a little commentary is that I’m a MAJOR Naruto fan, or at least I am of the manga, I kinda like the anime but not by a whole lot. In fact I have three books fo artwork right next to my desk, and actually Kishimoto has actually been a great influence on my coloring style. Naruto himself is my favorite fictional character alongside Peter Parker, and he just had a birthday earlier this month. So this year, I’m dressing my own characters as a tribute and Halloween celebration, poor Reko had to get stuck dressed as Sasuke. Once again everyone, happy Halloween everyone and eat some Candy Corn for me.

Halloween 2021–preview

As we all know, Halloween is coming up and of course that always leads to some fun. Well, we got another Kalwa illustration coming to site this fall. BUT while it will be done in the next few days you’ll have to wait till Halloween to see it. Don’t worry there will be other stuff going up on the site but this piece will remain secret till Halloween. But I do leave you with this little preview from a WIP to give you all a small taste.

Witch Kalwa remake coming soon!

I don’t remember if I mentioned this on the website, or just on the facebook page, but I was interested in remaking an old piece of Kalwa as the Witch of Time, which I recently reposted in the Halloween look back post a little while ago. Well it’s taken a bit of time, but it’s officially happening, and here’s a screenshot preview of what’s coming. This image is being posted exclusively to the website, those who follow our facebook page might notice that the image below is quite different than the one posted there. That’s because I’ve had a lot of trouble getting this project off the ground because I felt my previous drawings were just too boring and not very epic looking. I had a vision for this piece and it just wasn’t coming out, until tonight when it finally came out. So here’s a little look at what’s coming this haunting month of the year (lol).