Exotic Dancers

One of the many works I did while in quarantine which was inspired after listening to some Nighcore remixs. I was listening to a remix version of the song “hips don’t lie,” and it featured a lovely image of a manga styled girl wearing a belly dancer outfit, which prompted me to drawn Kalwa and some of our more recently introduced females performing the dance. In reality this idea had been floating around in my brain for a while, but it was thanks to that image that I finally acted upon it.

Really these full color group shots are actually quite intimidating for me, because I feel that after the first or second character, my quality on the characters tends to diminish from all the work. So this piece was kinda padded out slowly to give all the characters equal attention to detail. I went working on some other projects in between to distract myself. So after this long time coming, I hope everyone enjoys what we got.

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