Vintage Kalwa Art

Today’ I’m showing y’all some artwork from my deep archives. Today I’m showing you all the very FIRST drawing of Kalwa ever done and an early sketch of Juro, who would go on to become Reko in the current story. These drawings were original drawn in Middle/ High school (hence their more amateurish proportions).

As a little backstory, the original concept for Kalwa was first created in middle school at a time I was making a lot of my own stories, more than I could probably fine tune and perfect. Kalwa was actually the fourth story I came up with, the original concept was instead of a phone, she had a time traveling watch that was damaged and flung her back in time, resulting in her having to find all the pieces in different eras in order to return home. While today, Kalwa is an eccentric adventurer with a positive outlook on life, the original version was an isolated loner whose unique interest caused others to distance from her.

Juro wasn’t initially Kalwa’s friend, but rather a loner himself who wished to befriend her but couldn’t work up the nerve. Juro would work with Kalwa’s brother Risto (later changed to Zack), in order to find out about A-Tech and what was really going on. This concept was completely dropped in the story today, as Kalwa would just discover these secrets herself and therefore the whole concept would just be repeating what Kalwa and the Audience already knew. Also Juro was supposed to be of Japanese decent which would tie in to another arch where a character in Japan would propose to Kalwa. Again this storyline was dropped and thus Juro was a given a proper Finnish name of Reko.

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