Sunday Sketch: KId Kalwa

Sharing another Sunday Sketch, which is KID KALWA. Recently, I’ve wanted to return to Webtoons and further expand the Kalwa brand. Kalwa was (and still is) on webtoons for a number of months, but I stopped updating it after a while due to the sheer amount of material and the amount of time it took to edit it. Simply put, the main Kalwa story isn’t really designed for a quick read online comic as it is an on going story. So I’ve decided to make a spin off of Kid Kalwa, which is a non-canon gag comic. In this comic Kalwa has had the phone in her youth and she’s causing trouble for those around her with it.

I had actually done these comics before on webtoons between chapters, but now I’m looking to make it into a full on series seperate from the main series. It’s also worth noting in this image, if you look back on chapter 14’s flash back, this Kalwa looks notably different than Kalwa’s original child model, her hair looks more like her short hair style and less messy. I’ll let everyone know when the real comic comes, it’ll be after this move I’m preparing for.

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