So I mentioned a little while ago that there was some behind the scenes story with the recent page 22 and I want to share as a note to future comic artists. So when I’m doing pages, I tend to try to break up the actual drawing process and the inking process. I will usually strive to get the drawing done one night and then do the inking another. The reason being is so I can dislodge myself from the drawing and take a second look at it before finalizing it, as I might be tired and unable to properly judge immediately after drawing.

A primary example of this being the recent chapter 24 page 22. Initially I had a different angle for Kalwa in the original drawing of the page, which can be seen below on the original pencil drawing. However during inking I felt it looked real boring and not very dynamic at all. The viewer couldn’t get a sense of her strength or really absorb the power of her weapon. So in the 11th hour during Inking the pose was changed to what we have today as also seen below. So in my closing statement, I say to all that it’s always good to break up the drawing and the inking in order to properly judge situations such as this. Give yourself some time to gather your thoughts and better judge your work, don’t be so obsessive on timing if it means turning in a product you won’t be happy with.

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