Update for today

So I know I was pretty quiet today on the site. Well I had noted on my personal facebook page that that might be the case. SDCC at home started today and I was exploring it a little bit, saw a nice documentary by Alex Ross. Plus I got kind of a Christmas load in the mail today and spent a large portion of the day rearrange and reorganizing my space. So between comic con and major re-works to my space, I kinda got worn down and drained for the day. However I did do a little bit of work on the next page which actually turned out to be very complicated. The image of Kalwa throwing her phone down took forever to get to, so I couldn’t really advance much. However here is an image of the work so far. It’s a bit of busy week for me and this next page won’t be up till sunday this week. However I will be giving out a few more sketches and concepts this week to help keep the site updated. More great stuff is coming very soon.

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