Sketchbook practice

These were a few old pages I dug up in my sketchbook which were actually practices for actual comic pages! Back in the early days when I would get stuck on a pose or a camera angle shot, I’d usually practice in the sketchbook to draw the image I was imagining. This particular shot is from chapter 8 when Kalwa’s having her vicious fight with Rachel, as she cuts the whip and Rachel throws it away. Now day’s I mostly just have it all figured out when I’m doing layout. If I do usually get stuck on a particular shot I really just do multiple roughs and re-draws on the actual panel until I get it right. The upcoming page which I previewed yesterday is an example, I got a little stuck on the back show of Kalwa throwing her phone down, so that particular pose took a good while to make. I also tend to use my action figures to help make poses, though even they have limits. A good chunk of the time I’m simply using imagination and knowledge of human anatomy to do my work.

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