Dialogue art

So I was putting in reworked dialogue on chapter 2 and decided to share little shot right here and explain a little thing about creating comics. Over the course of writing and drawing Kalwa I’ve learned to get really artsy with text balloons. It’s kinda been a growing skill ever since we started this comic. One factor I’ve grown to work on doing is the use of text to guide the reader. In the old days, artists use to put arrows down to guide the reader from panel to panel, personally I’ve always hated that as I feel it basically gives up an artistic touch and it’s generally sloppy. One way I try to guide readers is the placement of text balloons, creating a chain of pet which will guide the reader across the page and follow the panel order that I intend, as can be demonstrated in this particular page right here.

One factor I’ve learned and have tried to exploit is to make the WHOLE page an artistic piece, not just a collection of individual pictures. I like to play around with placement and texts so that the entire page feels important, it’s actually an artistic method that can ONLY be done with wholes and can’t be done with individual panels that can found on websites like webtoons. This allows my comic and layouts to be unique and special and experience you can only get by reading my comics whole and not just on a panel by panel basis.

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