Chapter 27 Page 5 UPDATE!

I’m SOOOOOO SORRRRYYY for the late in the day update. I was working on some of the newer pages for the chapter and they are kinda making me CRAZY, because they involve a lot of characters on screen and detail on top of my day job and other projects. So I was way too tired last night to schedule and then I had to attend to life things this morning. So I couldn’t make the need updates until now. Anyway, new page is up and ready for reading. Click the thumb below to chekc it out.

Chapter 27 begins!!!

Thank you everyone for your patience, I know it’s been a LONG wait. But today is the day, Kalwa chapter 27 is now officially starting up on this website. Pages 1 and 2 are up today while page 3 will be up on Wednesday.

Word of warning, this chapter will be DARK, like really really DARK. Not every character we love and know is gonna get out of this situation alive. If that doesn’t dissuade you, begin your reading right now by clicking the thumbnail down below.

Wardrobe MAlfunction

A lunchtime sketch made into a full on digital drawing. The Desert Vixens from the Western arc attempting to put on a swimsuit photoshoot, only everything is going completely wrong. Also in case this drawing doesn’t make it obvious, Cassidy is not at all bothered by concept of nudity. Little tide over as we wait for chapter 27, which I remind everyone starts on Monday.

Final CHapter 27 Preview and Status Update!

Yep, the title says it all this is FINAL chapter 27 preview and status update. I say this because Chapter 27 will officially start going up on this website NEXT WEEK on February 13th.

As I was putting together I realized that chapter 26 started going up in June of last year, and we finished it in September and then it was a bit of a LONG break. I got going on the annual Halloween draw off I do each year, then came some other stuff on other parts of the internet mainly involving stuff based off of Disney’s the Owl House. So this really has been possibly the longest gap between chapters.

But it’s not all been for naught really. For these past couple of months have been well spent. While working on all these drawings, my overall goal was to better train myself. Both by enhancing my art style and confidence, to both create a great product and produce faster, hence kinda the reason for the long absence. Starting with this chapter you’ll start to notice some new things compared to older chapters, mainly shading and screen tones. Also not to brag, but I’ve kinda made myself as an artist a little more well known as an artist, which also has helped out.

All that being said, hopefully this new chapter with dazzle your eyes and provide you with a great experience, and again thanks for reading. So enjoy this quick preview and tune in next Monday for the first official update.

More on Chapter 27

I’m sorry for my lack of posts lately, on other parts of the internet I’ve been busy. Plus I’ve been dealing with some personal life stuff mainly involving housing. At this point a total of seven pages for chapter 27 are complete and I’ve decided that the chapter will officially launch on Monday February 13th.

For right now, here’s a few more preview pages, these are unfinished screenshots from a few weeks ago, but the final pages themselves are complete at this point. You can all see the finished pages once they are uploaded to the official page site!

Cover Preview to chapter 27

Quick preview shot to the cover of Chapter 27 with no logos or cropping, and yes we are turning up the “heat” on this next chapter, it’s gonna be pretty dark. But it will also be introducing a major character who will be playing a major role in the story going forward, so there will be a lot going on here and in the next chapter.

As mentioned this a preview, so I might still make a tweak here and there. Chapter 27 will start going up on the website this February.

More Chapter 27 Previews

I meant to post these last night, but I was tired from the day job and then tired out even more after working on them.

So here’s some more shots from the upcoming chapter 27. None of these pages are fully toned yet or have these special effects added. But you can see where we are heading with it.

I’m looking to start uploading this chapter by the end of this month/ start of next month. I’m hoping to have a total of 10 pages done for a buffer but don’t know if I’ll make it, but I’ll still have some pre-made pages ready for upload so we hopefully won’t fall behind so much.