Chapter 24 Page 16

Probably the one good thing about being in quarantine is it’s forced me to do more work in an attempt from going “insane,” course lets be honest I’m already insane cause I willing chose to take on difficult lifestyle of a comic artist (lol). So I’m getting more done faster and even able to do stuff that’s been on my plate for a long time. So continuing on, new page today everyone!!!! Click the thumbnail below to see what we got!!!


So to give a slight disclosure to everyone, I recently tested positive for Covid-19 and I am thus in quarantine. Fortunately I’ve had both doses of the vaccine and I’m really handling all of this like a common cold, with congestion and simply symptoms. I suppose I should consider myself lucky I got this AFTER getting vaccinated otherwise I might be in the hospital on a ventilator right now. So all I can do is ride out the storm, but I’ve got a number of benefits at my current job and the support of my family to get me through this tough time.

I’m also a bit of a hoarder of collectables such as toys and Dvds and video games which is now coming to save me, so I got everything I need for a long captivity. That being said I intend to take advantage of the moment, and it’s officially writing day. I’ve officially come up with the overall flow of the Kalwa story over the last few weeks and it’s time to write it all down today. I’m gonna write it down, sleep on it a bit and then send it off to my co-writer. Let me tell you all we got some major plans here, stuff that’s gonna blow you all away with where this story goes. So just wanted to give you all a heads up of what’s going on and let you know how everything is going. Thanks all for reading as usual.

Random Illustration!

Chapter 24 Page 15

Sorry for the lateness everyone, it’s been a bit of an odd week with circumstances. But we are here with our latest page update to chapter 24, which is actually the start to my favorite part of this chapter, which will be unfolding soon. As usual click the thumb below:

Page 14 pencil screenshot

I know this page was already uploaded this page finished a few days of ago, but I was looking at the old WIP screenshot of the finished pencil and wanted to share it. Truth be told when you’re working on these pages so much you tend to forget the finer things, like the beauty of a pencil drawing. Normally this kinda stuff is shared on our simply social media so enjoy it here.

Chapter 24 Page 14

Second page update this week everyone and our last one of “fan service” for a little while. So enjoy what you see for the time being. As usual click the thumbnail below.

Chapter 24 Page 11-12

It’s another update time everyone, this time you are getting TWO pages in the form of a two page spread. In case the preview isn’t a real indication, things are getting real rough on Kalwa with her new training lessons. As usual, click the the preview below to see the new page.

Chapter 24 Page 10

I’ve hopefully developed a a new system that will help to reliably get new pages up at a more steady rate, and speaking of which we got a new one up right now. Should have a second one up later this week so we can move on through this chapter a steady rate. As usual, click the link below and see what we got.

Pirate Kalwa

Did you all catch the premiere of Fena: Pirate Princess last night, cause we are celebrating it right here and now with Pirate Kalwa. There’s been some updates of this on some other social media and now it’s finally here. Hope you all enjoy pirate girls.