Chapter 24 Page 6

Back again everyone, with the possibly the most difficult page thus far! Seriously, I probably spent three days just drawing this page. Anyway, as usual, click the thumb below and see what we got.


Taking a slight break from comic pages to do a character draw up. So this is a new character that will soon be debuting in chapter 24, for that matter she can be seen on the cover. This is Izuha, who was a character intially designed to be just a minor character as one of Hideyoshi’s many pupils. However while writing the script, I wound up developing her into a more fleshed out character as a way for Kalwa to learn about the students and the history of where she’s staying. Anyway, watch for her in the coming pages coming up.

Chapter 24 Page 4

Sorry everyone for being so late, just had to fine tune everything. Anyway, we are on for page 4 of chapter 24. At this point I’m kinda just scribbling weapons and was even putting a trident in the background not knowing if it would fit, but someone on facebook pointed out the weapon in the background so I appreciate it. As usual, click the thumbnail below and see what we got.

Chapter 24 Page 3

Only three days after it debuted and we got a new page for chapter 24 up and ready for you all. This page is a bit of a call back to chapter 1 in which Kalwa said she wasn’t a fan of onions. Intially it was meant to just be a simple passing note, but this time we play it up. As usual, click the thumbnail below to see the latest page.

Chapter 24 BEGINS!!!!

Thank you all for your patience, it really hasn’t been easy these last few weeks. But we’re finally up and running with the next chapter in the Japanese arch. Up right now is the cover and two new pages. I’ve started a new system in which I’ll be DRAWING new pages on my days off and then do the inking and toning on regular work days, as they are a bit easier to do rather than the full on drawing after eight hour workdays that involve physical labor. The third page is actually drawn and should be up later this week. As usual, click the link to see what we got.

Update on Chapter 24

Just a brief announcement that Chapter 24 will officially be going live on Sunday. I figured this day would be best as a way to start your week off. This update will include two pages plus the cover. See you all then for the new chapter.

“WINK, WINK… see you all!”

WIP chapter 24

It’s been a bit of a long route here everyone, the script was late getting to me and my dog got sick which really weighed me down and I didn’t feel like working. But Chapter 24 is underway and I’m shooting for a weekend launch. As proof, here’s some screen shots showing where things lay at the moment. Look for chapter 24 this weekend!!!

Update and Pencils

Giving yet another update on progress for chapter 24, and I wanted to start with an apology and and statement that… this has been a real horrible week. First of all, my co-writer has been mauled down with work, but he keeps giving updates that he is working on the script and will have it soon. Meanwhile I’ve been attempting to draw up some pages as a way to get a leg up, but it hasn’t been easy.

So to put things into perspective, I think I already mentioned that I went out Sunday with friends and was only able to get one page drawn that day, I think that was this past Sunday. Well after having a wonderful and happy Sunday, my thirteen year old dog got a virus. It’s a virus that’s causing him to walk in circles and making him a bit restless, we just got the diagnosis on Tuesday. So I’ve been trying to spend some time comforting him and letting him know I love him to help him get through this tough time. Related to that, I’ve felt pretty down on what he’s going through and really haven’t felt like drawing or working much, just taking it easy.

Fortunately, my dog’s making a fast recovery. He’s only been on the medication for a few days and he’s showing great progress. So I’m working my way back after a long break from drawing. Here’s some progress with two pages penciled up. One was previously shown, but now you can get a look at page 2.

Pencils for Ch 24 pg 1

It’s beginning everyone, I went out yesterday with some friends abs kinda spent the day out. But I did do at least three mock up pages for the next chapter, and page one has been fully pencilled. Here’s a shot of what we got going and what to expect.