A Brief Introduction

Thank you all for visiting his site, and reading my comic. Kalwa has for a long time had quite the history in my head, in fact her origins can be dated all the way back to 2003-2006 during my days of High School and Middle School. After so many years she’s back updated and running in her own series. After all that she’s been through I only feel it right to share how Kalwa, Reko and everyone else in this comic were created. The challenges faced along the way and ho we got from point A to point B. All will be documented her on this site.

I’ll start here with a brief introduction as to where the idea for Kalwa came from and how it got started. I can’t really remember the exact year of which Kalwa was conceived, but her origin can be traced back to 2004. It was in that year that I received a book called Manga Madness by David Okum. The book re-ignited my love for all entertainment from Japan (Manga and Anime) and from there I started creating my own comic ideas, probably I was better at coming up with ideas than I was polishing them.

Some of my titles were Dino Guardian, Tales of the Samurai, the list goes on. Kalwa was the fourth title I created, and it was probably the most unique of all them. The idea came from two sketches of unnamed characters I had dug up from an earlier Anime phase (namely when I was introduced to Pokemon). One was of a boy with a futuristic watch, the other was a caped criminal smoking. I was trying to remember what this was about and I believed that the boy’s watch had something to do with time travel, and thus I had decided to latch onto that for my next title. However I had already come up with three titles that featured males and of the protagonists and my previous stories were stationed in either America or Japan. To be different for this one, I decided to try my hand at a female protagonist and a new place of origin, Finland, where my family was descendent from. Thus everything started…