Old sketches

Working the day job this Sunday and I don’t have too much to post right this moment since the Halloween picture is being saved for Halloween. So here’s a small collection of random sketches from the sketchbook from different story archs.

Gerald Butler
Zack facials
Raptor Practice
Kalwa with weapon
Jack the Ripper Sketches

Halloween 2021–preview

As we all know, Halloween is coming up and of course that always leads to some fun. Well, we got another Kalwa illustration coming to site this fall. BUT while it will be done in the next few days you’ll have to wait till Halloween to see it. Don’t worry there will be other stuff going up on the site but this piece will remain secret till Halloween. But I do leave you with this little preview from a WIP to give you all a small taste.


It’s here everyone, the remake of the very first Halloween piece I had ever done for Kalwa, now with more updated techniques and skills learned since then. Just for an FYI, Kalwa’s not really a witch here, she’s just using the effects of the phone to better her costume. I’ve got another Kalwa halloween piece coming later this month so be on the lookout for that later on.

Witch Kalwa remake coming soon!

I don’t remember if I mentioned this on the website, or just on the facebook page, but I was interested in remaking an old piece of Kalwa as the Witch of Time, which I recently reposted in the Halloween look back post a little while ago. Well it’s taken a bit of time, but it’s officially happening, and here’s a screenshot preview of what’s coming. This image is being posted exclusively to the website, those who follow our facebook page might notice that the image below is quite different than the one posted there. That’s because I’ve had a lot of trouble getting this project off the ground because I felt my previous drawings were just too boring and not very epic looking. I had a vision for this piece and it just wasn’t coming out, until tonight when it finally came out. So here’s a little look at what’s coming this haunting month of the year (lol).

Behind the Scenes: THE FULL PAge

So I mentioned that we would be doing some behind the scenes work, and while on that subject matter, there is indeed some commentary that must be said. In today’s blog, I want to talk about… the FULL PAGE.

Since starting this comic in 2014, I’ve personally discovered much on this long journey. I dare say that a full use of page was honestly something I had not even considered, for I, as a rank amateur back in the day, only saw a page as simple means to align panels. Over the course of time, I looked at a few artist who talked about using the whole page but it wasn’t until webtoons that I started to develop my own style.

Commonly found on webtoons are single panel comics, which are read through the use of scrolling down. It was something I had not once seen before and I dare say, did NOT adapt to it well. My comics were originally done with full on pages and cutting up those pages and making high quality scroll down pages was quite new and difficult for me. In fact I feel my lack of experience is one of the big reasons the comic didn’t exactly fly so high on webtoons. Shortly afterwards, smackjeeves also switched to this format and thus I left that site as well.

Since leaving and the struggle with scroll down comics, one of my working methods is to ultimately challenge the single panel scroll downs and thus not only make use of multiple panels but also design a page that can’t have the same effect otherwise.

Whenever I make page, and it’s possible, I try to make it artistic and present a unique scenario that can only be achieved through use of multiple panels. One such example is this page from chapter 22 where Kalwa goes on a rant. Kalwa’s text balloons are designed in a way that guide the reader down the page and keeps all focus on her. Yet the reader also has the option to view the members of the tribe who show a great deal of remorse, as though they were secondary focuses

Most of the time I do tend mix text with the pictures in order to set up and guide certain scenarios to the reader. Often I deliberately have text leak over into the next panel so that readers will be guided all over the page through the text itself.

This technique can also be used to convey a certain sensation, and example can be found in this page from chapter 24, which at the time of this post is the latest chapter to finish. The use of sound effects coming from the following panel convey a sense of interruption and swiftness. This of course does pertain to real life and Kalwa’s own perspective, as realistically an strong opponent would move quickly on a weak one and hit them before they knew what would hit them. These are types of scenarios and feelings that I try to convey within my pages, and attempt to make the entire page on big illustration in itself rather than just being a collection of smaller illustrations. Something a single panel scroll down comic could never achieve.

So all that being said, I hope this post has been most informative and (possibly) inspirational for some of you. I’ll be doing more posts similar to this in the future when I’ve got something I feel is worth talking about. Thanks once again for reading and I hope I can continue to bring you all more entertainment and some inspiration in the near future.

Halloween Lookback

Just thought I’d share this here since it is the second day of October, the witching month. Just doing a look back on some previous Halloween drawings. I don’t remember if the second one was a Halloween drawing, it was really done during a Phantom of the Opera craze. I’ve got a few ideas for this year including a remake of Kalwa Witch of Time. So I’m opening this month with a reflection back on previous celebrations!!

Kalwa Witch of Time
Kalwa of the Opera

Chapter 24 Concluded

We’re there everyone, here on October 1st we conclude another chapter in the Kalwa story. Chapter 24 has now concluded, so as per usual, chapter updates will take a small break while we prep the next script for chapter 25, but be on the look out for art updates and behind the scenes and more coming soon. Meanwhile, check out what we got by click the thumb below.

Click thumbnail to see the latest page

Chapter 24 Page 25

Only one more page is left before this chapter is finished. As I mentioned yesterday both pages are drawn and I’m working to get the last page up this weekend, so we can check off another chapter in this long journey we’ve taken so far. As usual, click the thumbnail to see the latest page.

Click Thumb to view page

Update on last two pages for chapter 24 and more

The final two pages have been drawn, and I’m planning to start inking tonight. I apologize for not posting an image, but I slept in today and had to hurry to work. But you can expect to see those next few pages over the next few days, with the latter being up on Sunday.

Following chapter 24, there will be a brief break for chapter updates in order to get the next chapter written and going, as is normal on this site. During the break I’ve got plans for some art and behind the scenes work coming, I’ve actually had some ideas and crossovers planned that I just haven’t gotten around to. There will also be a few updates to the site so be on the lookout for those, mainly tie in’s to the green Raptor website!

I’m also planning to work more on volume releases starting on Amazon. I’ll give you all more updates on that as we go. So that’s my general announcement for right now, just to let you

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