RIP Ollie Ahola

I don’t usually like posting personal life material to this website, but this is pretty important. This morning my beloved Border Terrier Ollie, was laid to rest. He had been suffering from liver issues for over a year, yet he kept on going and going so long as he had love to be had. I first got Ollie in 2008 as a puppy and watched him grow to become the 14 year old he lived to be. He was always my hyper little bundle of joy who never lost his personality no matter how old he got. He was always there for me in the hard times and was always happy to see me even on my worst days. His memory will always live on in my heart.

I only post this to let people know that I may be a bit slow on updates as I work to fill the hole left in my heart. More pages are coming soon for chapter 26, but at what rate I don’t know. Thank you for understanding in this sad time…may he rest in peace.

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