Update Time!!!

Hello to all you time travel fans, and I just wanted to open with a thank you for following this blog, things have really picked up this year and I’m so grateful for all the support!

Now onto the point of this post. So for the last four days I’ve been away from home on a family matter, no it’s not bad actually it’s very good. My brother just graduated from training in the army, so I went out there to his ceremony. Page 5 of chapter 25 went up the day I left, and I was running around trying to finish that page fast enough and to the quality I wanted before departing.

I have another illustration that’s Christmas related, but I am unable to post that online as it is a Christmas present to someone, so maybe I’ll post it on Christmas Day, or just a photo of the finished piece. I did have a brainstorm for another Christmas picture on my trip so I think I’ll work on that. Also I’ll be getting back on regular page updates, so be on the lookout for that.

One final thing, publication is still coming we got just one more chapter to edit before sending it in, plus some extras. My co-writers just been a bit busy with all that’s going on this holiday season.

That’s about all for the updates, just letting you all know!

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