Update on last two pages for chapter 24 and more

The final two pages have been drawn, and I’m planning to start inking tonight. I apologize for not posting an image, but I slept in today and had to hurry to work. But you can expect to see those next few pages over the next few days, with the latter being up on Sunday.

Following chapter 24, there will be a brief break for chapter updates in order to get the next chapter written and going, as is normal on this site. During the break I’ve got plans for some art and behind the scenes work coming, I’ve actually had some ideas and crossovers planned that I just haven’t gotten around to. There will also be a few updates to the site so be on the lookout for those, mainly tie in’s to the green Raptor website!

I’m also planning to work more on volume releases starting on Amazon. I’ll give you all more updates on that as we go. So that’s my general announcement for right now, just to let you

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