Chapter 24 Sketch-up

Probably to date one of the toughest covers I’ve worked on. I actually had the image of this cover for a while but I didn’t know it would be so difficult. I initially went back and forth on what the final pose would be. Initially I was going to have Kalwa doing the overhead Naginata move in which the weapon is raise overhead. However this made it difficult to position with the logo and I though it was kinda boring.

So ultimately I thought it would be better to have the weapon coming at the viewer, but of course this led to some MAJOR perspective challenges. I must’ve redrawn this image of Kalwa at least six or seven times before finally settling on the look. I was using my Classified Lady Jaye figure just to get some reference. Also at a certain point I just threw caution to the wind and just started drawing madly to try to convey the motion.

Also a fun little note one this is the fact that those lines in the background are not actually motion lines, but rather planks from the floor and ceiling, so they act as a double device here playing in both the background and effects.

I’ll actually start working on the script for chapter 24 next week, oh and as a little bonus, down below is an image of me working on the perspective at my desk.

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