Happy Thanksgiving

Yeah so I brought this picture out last year. But I still think it’s quite relevant for this year too. I wanted to wish all the followers of this site a happy Thanksgiving and I wanted to express my own thanks to all the wonderful people who follow this site.

Without giving out any particular numbers, I’ve noticed some steady traffic to this site this year as well as an increase in followers. And I do want to say that ever since I started this comic I’ve learned first and foremost how difficult it is to reach anyone in this vast and difficult ocean we call the web. So I am very grateful and very thankful for all the people who have given their support to this site as well as the Green Raptor site in general. Whether it’s a comment, like or just a silent follow, I appreciate all the support you all give. So from me to you, thank you, have a happy Thanksgiving and remember to give thanks for what you have and not what you don’t, especially in this very difficult and nearly over year of 2020.

Happy Turkey Day

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