Page of the Day!

Insert from chapter 15, featuring the horrific death of Kalwa’s first enemy Orestes who has officially become a victim of his own venom. While Orestes was sorta a throw away and rather simple character in the first chapter, this chapter saw a dramatic change for the character being a more obsessed and much darker character. When illustrating this page I wanted to draw Orestes as a vengeful person to the very end and showing a sense of madness, indicated by all the shadows around his eyes. And of course one thing worth noting is I was also trying to illustrate a full body shutdown on him as the poison takes its effect, one such hint is in the first panel where his hand is flapping behind him. Also his clear miss of Kalwa is supposed to indicated that his legs and other body parts are shutting down as well. I like to think of this page as illustrating a desperate and rather sick man giving into madness during his last moments of life.

To read the rest of the chapter of which this page is attached to, click the image below!

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