Page of the Day

One of the build up pages to from chapter 16 which forbids the Ripper’s debut. As a big fan of horror movies part of my plan for the this chapter was to set up a tense set up for an ultimate pay off. A lot of the night pages from this chapter were influence by the IDW mini series The Fly: Outbreak, a series in which the story is general very simple, but it gets it’s power from the it’s hyper realistic yet shrouded in shadow artwork which creates a general terrifying page turner (the best way to experience this is to actually read it.). This was also one of the first pages to play with panel by panel wording and branching, note the lower panel which directly connects the sound effect from the left panel. This is actually a practice I’ve attempted to build on with future pages. I feel more modern webcomics only focus on a panel by panel basis focusing only on individual panels to deliver the story. However with my craft, I attempt to make the whole page feel important, that these panels are interlocked for a reason and that one must involve the whole page to get the over scene of the story.

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