Kalwa Simonen, Monster Hunter Mini Comic

The young Kalwa comic strip has finally returned after a long break. For those who aren’t familiar, these are NON-CANON gag strips featuring Kalwa from her youth, and it’s essentially an alternative timeline where she found the phone when she was just a kid and it’s completely free of any of rules and boundaries established in the main story. Initially these comics were produced whenever a chapter finished on Webtoons and we needed to fit the time. However I kinda stopped doing them after I kinda ran out of ideas. However this October actually gave me some more inspiration, so I finally got a new comic out. These won’t be regular releases, just when I get a few ideas. There are a few more from webtoons that I’m looking to make a section on this website for. But in the meantime, enjoy this special Halloween mini comic of young Kalwa.

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