Graphic Novel Collection

So I thought I would show off something a little different today as it’s a project I’ve worked on for quite a while. This is my graphic novel library which has essentially been completed at last. I’ve had several of these books for quite some time, once I moved to my new house I started expanding in a way I always wanted.

Last summer was all about Marvel, this summer was about DC comics and now it’s all complete. Those top three shelves on the left is my manga section which is practically dominated by the entire series of Naruto. Truth be told even though I draw mostly in a manga style, I actually don’t read much manga mostly due to the large amount of volumes and space, I do however watch more anime than read manga. I mostly read superhero comics but do indulge in other stories such as Fathom, W.I.T.C.H., and Sonic the Hedgehog, also the Mirage Studios TMNT are a constant inspiration to me given the comics backstory. Otherwise a lot of my ideas come from TV and movies.

That’s not to say that other comics don’t inspire my work. I usually try to read during down time to try to inspire myself and learn various techniques to better my work, as well as taking notes from people I find around the internet. So you can see right here a piece of my studio on full display!

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