From the Sketch Book: Kalwa

A few new sketches from sketchbook, these were a few practices/ drafts for Kalwa. The first one was just some sketching done during the Western Arch. Shortly after getting into that arch my co-writer and I attended our first convention, and shortly after that another one. So the sketches you see here are actually drafts of a card that we handed out at the second con which had a QR code that would link people directly to website. I think the real challenge with this particular one was getting the hat to look dynamic and cool.

The second drawing was really more of an exercise, I think it came shortly after I switched eye styles from the old all rounded to a tiny pupil with highlight. It was mainly a practice just to kinda get her facials and expressions down with the new eye style. I should also note that in these sketches (and the actual comic) she had THREE bangs exclusively on the left side of her head. This was a design that I kept up until just recently, it’s since been dropped for giving her a consistent two bangs on each side of her head. The reason is because I had a lot of trouble keeping the bangs in uniform and able to fit properly on her head, the usually came out cramped or just unrealistic. Also it got really annoying having to constantly remember which side had more bangs and what didn’t. These are lessons you only get from consistent comic work.

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