So I’m just giving you all an update on what’s coming up and what’s going on right now. For those who have been reading chapter 22, you know now that we’ve reached page 23, that means we only have three pages left for the chapter. I’m putting that on the front burner and we are looking to complete the chapter next week hopefully. I’ve been getting a bit swamped with many hours at my day job and that has slowed a little progress, but I’m still committed to my comic and illustration work and above all this comic. If the final three pages don’t all come next week you can get they will all be out by the next week.

To further announce what’s going to happen, the comic will take a small break after chapter 22. The next story will be a big six part story arch and before I can write the script I have to write the general arch. I used to start writing near the end of the current chapter I’m working on, but now I just save it for after it’s done because it weighed me down. This method allows me to focus purely on story and not get overwhelmed with too many tasks. So while that is going on there will be a brief break in page updates only for a few weeks. During that time expect to see new illustrations and updates to my other comic Amber Worlds Greatest Mer-Thief on the Green Raptor site.

News on actual publication, it’s still coming. The art updates are finished I’m just getting back dialogue from my co-writer. We were going to publish it hard copy and still intend to, but with Covid-19 and the current economic issues, those plans have been halted for now. We will try to publish hard copy possibly next year, but in the meantime digital will be our primary distribution hopefully near the end of the year.

Finally I wanted to thank everyone whose been visiting the site lately. I notice that traffic is up and likes are up too. It really means a lot know people are reading and liking the work me and my co-writer are doing. It’s a real great spirit lifter. So thank you all for reading, we hope you continue and stay safe out there!

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