Raptor Practice

These are a few pages from the sketchbook that were essentially practice. This of course was back when we were planning for chapter 11 which of course featured raptors as the main antagonists. True tragedy of the world is despite the fact that I love dinosaurs, it’s always been a struggle to draw them. In fact I feel like I’ve spent too much time learning to draw humans and not enough time drawing animals or other creatures. Dinosaurs in particular have always been a challenge because of their long snouts and leg structure. I do own a lot of dinosaur toys, but most of them are preset posed figures with little to no articulation, so most shots I simply have to use my imagination and kinda draw the dinosaurs the way I think they’d look in a pose.

Fortunately, starting last year, Mattel has released more articulated dinosaur toys with their Jurassic Park Amber line which has provided me the dinosaur toys I always wanted and have really needed all these years. I would like to feature more dinosaurs in the story or at least feature them in artwork, so that would be even more chances to practice.

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