Pirate Hunter Sketches

So these are a couple of the early sketches to the pirate hunter crew from chapter 12 and 13. While Keleisha and Rodric mostly went unchanged (with the exception of Rodric’s eye becoming permanently closed), Harri’s design went through a few drafts. I initially wanted him to look like Orlando Bloom’s character from Pirates of the Caribbean, though also having some uniqueness so he didn’t come off as a flat out copy. However many of my designs I felt were coming too close (or being flat out copies) of some potential designs I had for Victor who had yet to make his debut at the time. So Harris received a large number of redesigns before finally settling on his current one.

Funny thing about this chapter, despite wanting to do it, I actually had very little idea of how to shape the story. The pirate arch was kinda a last minute addition I put in as I felt like having an additional story to further pad things out before we had Orestes return (as we didn’t have that many enemies at the time). I also wanted to introduce the fact that there were more phones and A-Tech themselves were using them, which would be a catalyst for the entire Kalwa saga. Though I had designed the characters and did have their personalities and stories planned out, I didn’t know how the story should go. Most of that was actually left to my co-writer who even provided their names. Only from his ideas was I able to finally drive the story to what we have today.

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