Victor Production Sketch

Before his official reveal in chapter 19, Victor went through a number of revisions ranging from hair to clothing choice. Some of these concepts haven’t been completely ruled out of the story given future plans. This sketch was done shortly around the time Victor’s final design approval hence why he looks pretty much the same as the final story. There is a major piece of this production art worth noting, you will note the glove shows that Victor with four fingers, with the pinky essentially being merged with the ring finger. Originally when writing the story, I wanted to have Victor’s wife give her some kind of permanent mark shorty before her death, and she was originally supposed to (accidentally) have cut off Victor’s right pinky in a desperate attempt to stop his killing spree forever. Right before officially drawing Victor’s shadowy look in chapter 19, I ultimately abandoned the idea of him missing a finer as I felt it would be too difficult to consistently remember to draw Victor exclusively with four fingers. Instead his injury was changed to a stab in his palm with poor stitching, this way he cold also hide the scare under his gloves. Just a little fact for you all to take home about Victor.

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