Chapter 21 is now COMPLETE!!!

It’s been a bit rough for this chapter due to it starting around the time of the Christmas rush as well as the fall out with Smackjeeves. I also took a few breaks to practice and work on anatomy to better enhance the artwork as well as page layout. However that is all behind us now. Chapter 21 has been completed and it is ALL available to read on this website for FREE. Just simply click the thumbnail below and check out what fate befalls Kalwa and Zack as they face an old enemy from one of Kalwa’s earlier adventures.

We will be entering a short hiatus on new pages so that I can focus on refurbishing some old pages in preparation for official publication of the first Kalwa Graphic Novel. The book will be out for sale in June of this year and new pages will return in May. In the meantime, I will keep you posted on behind the scenes material on this website and give updates on progress. So stay tuned for more goodness coming your way.

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