Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone, another year has come for treats, scares and fun. So as many of you should know, over here at Green Raptor Studios we LOVE Halloween. Every year we sharpen our pencils (digital pad really) and draw as many monster, horror and other fun stuff as we can. And of course there is always the finale, which in recent years is Kalwa related.

This year we are bringing in a number of faces that we have met recently, mainly Kalwa’s dojo friends Izuha and Suzume. Kalwa’s already appeared in this outfit before as the Witch of Time, but now you get to see her friends join her for the witching hour, and of course the boys get to play the minions. HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO ALL, and join us next year for more Halloween fun.

Halloween Reflection

In case nobody has noticed, it’s October and here at Green Raptor Studios we love Halloween. And every year I try to embrace that Halloween fun with both Kalwa and other Green Raptor characters and drawings. Yes we got some Halloween fun this year for Kalwa, but for right now, here’s a little reflection of past year fun… and I also just noticed that Kalwa really likes to dress as witches!

Kalwa and Will Vandom

A remake of a piece from a couple years ago, Kalwa meets Will Vandom from the comic/animated series W.I.T.C.H. This idea initially spawned after doing an Ask Me Anything segment when someone asked me what fictional character I would like Kalwa to meet, to which my answer was Will Vandom, given that the two are two new girls in town, both wear hoodies (though Will does change her clothes) and both like collecting things.

I actually drew these two together twice before. The first one was the two in civilian clothes just like this one, the second was in Guardian form with Kalwa even getting her own Guardian outfit. So here we are with the two once again after years of progress, just being buddy and buddy!