Chapter 25 Page 8

We are BACK everyone, with regular page updates once again. It was nice taking a small break from uploads, but I am a creature of habit and can’t stay away for very long. Now back to our regular updates, page 8 for chapter 25 is now up for reading. Click the thumbnail below to see our latest page!

Christmas 2021

Merry Christmas Eve everybody. Another year and we are here, and we’re doing better than ever. I like to think of December as the reflection time of the year and the transition to the next chapter of life. Christmas you see friends and family, reflect on all you did this year and give presents and feast together. Then you recharge and move on to the next year ready for the next chapter in life. So needless to say I love Christmas, and this year in particular has been really special given all that has happened, one of which is this very site. We’ve been discovered by more fans, supporters and friends who have been so kind, and every year the number grows to which I am so thankful.

So that’s enough of my soap box, here’s this years Christmas illustration. Yes, I watched a lot of TV with commercials involving pop songs, red and everything else. So I was inspired to draw Kalwa in a red red dress singing a song. Anyone care to guess what she’s singing?

Merry Christmas to all!

Fan art

I’m here today to share some fan art I’ve received involving Kalwa. I’m always so flattered when I see someone drawing my characters as it shows there are people out there who really appreciate all the hard work me and my co-writer do each and every chapter.

Just yesterday I received a fan art via facebook from Cat Country Studios, which involved Kalwa crossed over with his own character Riley. The instant sight sent my hear a flutter, Cat Country Studio has been a major supporter this year on facebook and I myself enjoy their artwork. So I’m sharing the art right here on my site to help give them some better exposure. I’ve also got a fan art down below I received I think two years ago from another friend on facebook. It was a more personal account, so I don’t want to just blab it, but I still really love it a lot.

Check out Cat Country Studios on Facebook:

Kalwa with Riley by Cat Country Studios
2019 fan art from a friend


Just giving everyone an update about what’s happening this week. Since it’s Christmas week, page updates will NOT be going up this week, I will however be working on more pages behind the scenes and start uploading those next week.

So for the remainder of this week, I’ll be uploading a few other items. I’ll look into uploading some more sketches from the sketchbooks, whether it’ll be another lunchtime sketch grouping or just some stuff from the past, I don’t know. So look for that.

But finally the big thing. On Christmas Eve I’ll be posting the Christmas picture for the year. I’m sorry to say but the first one I initially previewed got deleted by accident, because I didn’t clear my desktop properly. So I had to start over and I was working all day yesterday on the image. The original image was supposed to be a group image with Kalwa singing in a red dress while Reko was playing the piano and Zack was holding the musical sheets, but after it was deleted, I decided to just make it a solo on Kalwa. I’ll look to do something with the group for New Years.

Right here is a small WIP preview of the finished piece to give you an idea of what’s coming up, and check back on Christmas Eve for the finished product right here. And once again, thank you everyone for you’re support this year, I really appreciate everyone who visits the site.

Christmas Illustration Preview

WHat Would You like to see (comment)

As we approach the new year, I’m asking my followers right now what they would like to see on this website. Obviously regular page updates and illustrations will continue to go up. But what else would everyone like to see on this site? Would you like to see more sketches, any tutorials, specific behind the scenes material? Comment below and let us know so we can consider it all for next year in 2022.

Random Image

Chapter 25 Page 7

I’m so sorry everyone if page updates have been late. I’ve been busy mostly this month dealing with holiday preparations, I also took a trip to Texas to support family and my whole schedule has kinda been thrown off because of all that’s going on. Luckily it’s all finished and I can get back to real life. So here we are with page 7 of chapter 25 up and ready for viewing. Page updates may be a little slow for the remainder of the year due to the holidays and heavy times at work as well as me needing a small cool down. However I will continue updating when I can and we should pick up a bit more at the beginning of 2022.

In the meantime, click the thumb below and see our latest page.

Jacob And waylons Sketches

Going way back to some pics that were never shared at the time. So these are the first sketches of Jacob and Waylons who debuted in the Western Arch. Waylons mostly remained the same to the final design, with the only exception being details to the coat. While I did do the drawing, it was mostly my co-writer who developed Waylons, he had a very specific idea of how he would look and even came up with his whole backstory.

Jacob comes with a backstory of his own. My initial idea with Jacob was to have him look like a polite little boy, as he was meant to be Waylon’s little helper. His initial design can be seen on the right of his sketches. However I totally crazy design I came up with was Jacob wearing a coat and boots that were far too big for him. The idea behind this design is that Jacob admires Waylons and seeks to become like him. As such he wears these overly large boots and coat in hopes to grow into them one day. So if you ever wondered as to why his clothes were too big, that’s why.

Chapter 25 Page 6

Page updates are officially back, after a brief break being away from my desk. And likewise, it’s time to project forward and see what this chapter is really about. This page shall start all that. As usual, click the thumb to see the latest page now.