Halloween Reflection

In case nobody has noticed, it’s October and here at Green Raptor Studios we love Halloween. And every year I try to embrace that Halloween fun with both Kalwa and other Green Raptor characters and drawings. Yes we got some Halloween fun this year for Kalwa, but for right now, here’s a little reflection of past year fun… and I also just noticed that Kalwa really likes to dress as witches!

Kalwa Chapter 26 COMPLETE!!!

And we’ve come to the end once again everyone, yet another milestone and another chapter has concluded today. Today we’re giving you a DOUBLE page upload today to wrap up chapter 26. This chapter was a bit of a long one for me cause there was LOT going on behind the scenes, I attended a con, my mother’s birthday was going on with a special art I did for her, and of course a shift in schedule at the day job. But we DID it and we completed another chapter to this story. We will take a small break from chapters, but you can look forward to some HALLOWEEN fun coming from Kalwa and Green Raptor Studios this coming month. Stick around for that, but for now, click the thumbnail below to read the last two pages of the chapter, or go back to the beginning and read it as a whole.


Chapter 26 Page 24

Brand new page for is up for chapter 26, which means we only have two more pages left on this chapter. As such we will be doing a DOUBLE page update on Wednesday to bring this chapter to a close. We’ll be taking a small break as we rest and prep chapter 27 which will be a BIG chapter for the overall story. However October is coming up, which means we’ll be bringing out some Halloween fun! Meanwhile, click the thumbnail below to read the latest page!

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Chapter 26 Page 23

Sorry to everyone for the delay, we’re back with regular updates. On today’s page, Zack reveals his reason for why he’s following his sister! Check it all out right now on today’s page by clicking the thumbnail below!

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Break Week + Previews

Sorry everyone, some things came up this week which prevented me from finishing today’s page, mostly family celebrations. As such, we will be on break Today. But we will be back to regular uploads this Wednesday. To show some form of proof, here’s some preview thumbs to what is coming up in our next few pages. See you all soon.

Page 23 Preview!
Page 24 Preview

Chapter 26 Page 22

New page is up today, that just leaves FOUR more pages before we finish this chapter. Zack’s starting to come to realization of what he really wants out of his training. Check it out on today’s brand new page for chapter 26. Click the thumbnail below to read the latest page!


Chapter 26 Page 20

We are BACK everyone, with new pages here for you’re viewing pleasure. And now we get into the “juice” of this chapter. Last chapter Hideyoshi told Kalwa about his past and what he had to learn along the way just to survive. Now it’s Karou’s turn to pass on her knowledge to Zack. Click the thumbnail below and start exploring things from Karou’s point of view!