2021 Look Back

Reposting some artwork done in 2021. I feel like this past year I really fell in love with what I was doing and there were a lot of inspiration through streaming and web videos. I also had a lot time to play and experiment with techniques to up the quality. Not to mention bringing my sketchbook to work to practice gestures and more.

So here’s a reflection on some of the art from last year!

Bunny suit Kalwa
Japanese Pin Up (post chapter 23)
Belly Dancers
Halloween 2021
Kalwa Witch of Time Remake
Christmas 2021
Kalwa and Naruto
Pirate Kalwa
Summer 2021
Kalwa and Kohaku

WIP Pirate Kalwa

So this Saturday, August 14th, Toonami is debuting a new show called Fena: Pirate Princess, which is their first original show in collaboration with Crunchyroll. I’ve actually been real excited about the show ever since the previews started up last year, as I seriously can’t think of any other pirate themed anime shows out there other than One Piece. It’s not that I’m a big fan of pirates, but the show sounds so interesting and exciting. So to celebrate here’s a little WIP of Kalwa as a pirate. Essentially it’s the same design as the One Piece design from last year, except with a bit more skin, accessories and some more tears. Should be ready sometime this weekend if I can finish the next page in a timely manner.

Character Art Gallery

I spent the whole day yesterday writing the script to chapter 24 and just crashed and burned at the end of the day. So right now I really got nothing to post for you al to enjoy. So to fill the void, I’m doing a repost of character artwork for characters other than Kalwa, including some of the really older ones from a couple years ago such as Bridgette and Cassidy. All of these are available to view in the art gallery as well, anyway I hope this entertains everyone as I work to get some more stuff up. I’ll be reviewing chapter 24 one more time tomorrow before sending it over to my co-writer.

Victor Murders in the Night