CHapter 26 BEGINS

It’s officially launch day for chapter 26!!! I’m sorry to everyone for the long wait, it’s been a bit difficult to get things going as both me and my co-writer have both moved into new homes and of course we live on opposite sides of the continent, so it’s been a bit hard to communicate amongst everything going on. This will be a pretty unique chapter as it actually does not focus so much on Kalwa herself other than the intro, rather it is more about her brother Zack, whom we have not seen in a while. The first two pages are up right now for reading, a third page will be added on Wednesday, click the thumbnail to see what we got for you all!!!

Chapter 25 Page 19

New page for chapter 25 is up right now, as Kalwa has finally come to realization of what she needs to grow stronger. This arch is nearing the end of it’s half way point, for we only have seven more pages to complete on this chapter. Thumbnail is down below, simply click and see the latest page right now.

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