Halloween Reflection

In case nobody has noticed, it’s October and here at Green Raptor Studios we love Halloween. And every year I try to embrace that Halloween fun with both Kalwa and other Green Raptor characters and drawings. Yes we got some Halloween fun this year for Kalwa, but for right now, here’s a little reflection of past year fun… and I also just noticed that Kalwa really likes to dress as witches!

2021 Look Back

Reposting some artwork done in 2021. I feel like this past year I really fell in love with what I was doing and there were a lot of inspiration through streaming and web videos. I also had a lot time to play and experiment with techniques to up the quality. Not to mention bringing my sketchbook to work to practice gestures and more.

So here’s a reflection on some of the art from last year!

Bunny suit Kalwa
Japanese Pin Up (post chapter 23)
Belly Dancers
Halloween 2021
Kalwa Witch of Time Remake
Christmas 2021
Kalwa and Naruto
Pirate Kalwa
Summer 2021
Kalwa and Kohaku

Kalwa Halloween 2021

Happy Halloween everyone, hope you all enjoy the day and get plenty of sugar in your system (lol). Well here’s a special celebration drawing for the year. I’ve been posting some teasers of this in previous weeks but wanted to hold it back for this particular day.

So a little commentary is that I’m a MAJOR Naruto fan, or at least I am of the manga, I kinda like the anime but not by a whole lot. In fact I have three books fo artwork right next to my desk, and actually Kishimoto has actually been a great influence on my coloring style. Naruto himself is my favorite fictional character alongside Peter Parker, and he just had a birthday earlier this month. So this year, I’m dressing my own characters as a tribute and Halloween celebration, poor Reko had to get stuck dressed as Sasuke. Once again everyone, happy Halloween everyone and eat some Candy Corn for me.

Kalwa Meets Naruto

Consider this my belated birthday tribute to Naruto, as I feel so bad having not done anything for his birthday earlier this month. Naruto himself is actually my favorite anime/manga character of all time, I actually have all 73 books of his series, as well as a number of figures around my room, so I’ve been meaning to do this crossover for quite some time. Also I should note that Kalwa’s favorite color is orange, I actually chose the color to represent her because it’s bright and energetic. This actually kinda puts her a bit on par with Naruto who quite well known for his orange color. Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys this piece.