Mermaid Trio

We are closing in on the end of May, which means another Mer-May is coming to a close, Those who follow my Green Raptor site or other locations on the internet know that I’m a major mermaid artist and tend to do some major mermaid work on this month. So here’s the last piece this month which features Kalwa, Izuha and Suzume posing as mermaids on a rock for anyone willing to wander by. Don’t crash if you encounter them.

Kalwa Chapter 21 Page 10

My internet has been giving me some major problems lately, and I got a little swamped yesterday after I left my mouse to charge. But we are back on with yet another page entry in chapter 23, we’re now officially up to page 10, which means we are nearly at the halfway point of this chapter. Now today, we introduce a new character who will be playing a major role in this arch and the entire story as a whole. As usual, click the thumbnail below to see the newest page.