Kalwa Halloween 2021

Happy Halloween everyone, hope you all enjoy the day and get plenty of sugar in your system (lol). Well here’s a special celebration drawing for the year. I’ve been posting some teasers of this in previous weeks but wanted to hold it back for this particular day.

So a little commentary is that I’m a MAJOR Naruto fan, or at least I am of the manga, I kinda like the anime but not by a whole lot. In fact I have three books fo artwork right next to my desk, and actually Kishimoto has actually been a great influence on my coloring style. Naruto himself is my favorite fictional character alongside Peter Parker, and he just had a birthday earlier this month. So this year, I’m dressing my own characters as a tribute and Halloween celebration, poor Reko had to get stuck dressed as Sasuke. Once again everyone, happy Halloween everyone and eat some Candy Corn for me.