Chapter 25 Page 21

Happy Monday everyone, as per usual, we got a brand new page up for your viewing pleasure. This one’s a bit epic, based on the thumbnail below. Kalwa’s locked in a heated fight with Hideyoshi, so how will she fair this time? Click the thumbnail below to see what’s going on.

But… BUT.. that’s not all we got for you. We got something else coming up for you in the very next post…

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Chapter 25 Page 11

Finally a page update, the first of the year. I’ve been distracted these last few days with some life changes as well as some rearranging of toy displays around my fine working quarters. So here we are, as we continue with Kalwa’s one on one training with Hideyoshi. However danger is nearby, and Hideyoshi won’t take it laying down.

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Chapter 25 Page 10 (last Page of the Year) + More

Well, guess we can’t have another page later than this for the year. Happy New Years eve everyone, hope you’ve made your resolutions and have fun tonight. I’m here to present the very last page for 2021. I suppose ending on page 10 this year is a good way to go out, so I feel this is an accomplishment.

In another note, I want to give a slight update on some issues on the site. WordPress made an update that really wiped out our navigation on the comic pages. As such, I’m currently going through and modifying the navigation on each page with a new button system that links everything. They are also getting some banners to link all social media accounts as well as the Green Raptor website to this site. The process is going faster than expected and the more recent chapters are getting the updates first. We are working backwards but it will take just a little longer to get the older chapters all set up, but know I am working as fast as possible.

Finally a big thank you to everyone who has followed this website and supported what we are doing here on the website. Every year the number grows and though we are still a little relatively unknown, every year your support goes a long way. It really lets me and my co-writer know that our work is appreciated and that people are enjoying it. So I would like to say once again thank you for all your support and love, it really makes a big difference.

And with all that said, enjoy our final page for the year and see you all in 2022. Click the thumb below and see what’s on.

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Chapter 25 Page 8

We are BACK everyone, with regular page updates once again. It was nice taking a small break from uploads, but I am a creature of habit and can’t stay away for very long. Now back to our regular updates, page 8 for chapter 25 is now up for reading. Click the thumbnail below to see our latest page!