Kalwa and Amber mermaid Dance

Crossover with another Green Raptor studios character, Amber, as Kalwa takes part in a mermaid dance. She also finally gets a new mermaid look just for this image.

Kalwa and Will Vandom

A remake of a piece from a couple years ago, Kalwa meets Will Vandom from the comic/animated series W.I.T.C.H. This idea initially spawned after doing an Ask Me Anything segment when someone asked me what fictional character I would like Kalwa to meet, to which my answer was Will Vandom, given that the two are two new girls in town, both wear hoodies (though Will does change her clothes) and both like collecting things.

I actually drew these two together twice before. The first one was the two in civilian clothes just like this one, the second was in Guardian form with Kalwa even getting her own Guardian outfit. So here we are with the two once again after years of progress, just being buddy and buddy!

Kalwa Meets Naruto

Consider this my belated birthday tribute to Naruto, as I feel so bad having not done anything for his birthday earlier this month. Naruto himself is actually my favorite anime/manga character of all time, I actually have all 73 books of his series, as well as a number of figures around my room, so I’ve been meaning to do this crossover for quite some time. Also I should note that Kalwa’s favorite color is orange, I actually chose the color to represent her because it’s bright and energetic. This actually kinda puts her a bit on par with Naruto who quite well known for his orange color. Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys this piece.

Kalwa and Kohaku

This is one of those projects I just gushed over, and all of yesterday I was just obsessed with finishing it. So those who know me should know that Dr. Stone is to date my favorite anime (other than Digimon which really just wins due to nostalgia) and Kohaku is also my “anime crush.” As a result I just love drawing her, and more of my drawings of her can be found over on the Green Raptor website.

Across the internet I’ve also been seeing a number of people coming up with their own Dr. Stone OC’s and then crossing them over with the canon characters. So since I already had a stone world design for Kalwa from last year, I decided to give it a whirl and (once again) I just gushed at the idea of my crush meeting own character. Real life wise, I’m not completely sure how well these two would get along with each other, Kohaku does have a decent sense of humor, so I could imagine a scenario like this playing out. I’m not completely sure Kohaku would approve of Kalwa playing with her knives, but she is known to have a great judge of character, so it’s possible.

Illustration of the Day!

This was the first of the Kalwa Anime crossover, featuring Kalwa in the Dr. Stone world. The idea just came to me while I was drawing Kohaku from the show (seen on the green raptor site) about how Kalwa would look if she ever crossed over her and thus began this crossover series that I’m currently working to finish. Also it was real fun drawing Kalwa in cave woman garbs.

Stone World Kalwa