Kalwa/Heather’s Crossover

Long time illustration that’s been on my back burner for a while, Kalwa and her dojo friends doing a sing along and performance of Candy Store from the Heather’s Musical.

Chapter 26 Page 19

The violence has stopped, everyone’s safe. Now it’s time to share some words of wisdom. Zack’s lesson begins on today’s page.

Also on another note, we will be taking a break this coming Sunday so there will be no page update. But we will be back next week with brand new pages. Till then go ahead and click the thumbnail to read today’s page.


Chapter 26 Page 18

Karou’s not holding anything back, not with Zack and her own daughter’s life on the line. See how it all plays out on today’s page update. As usual, click the thumb below to see the latest page!


Chapter 26 Page 17

Karou shows her fighting spirit on today’s brand new page. Click the thumbnail below to read the latest page for chapter 26, and hope you have a strong stomach!


Chapter 26 Page 15

Things are getting pretty tight for our travelers on today’s brand new page! Knives our out and lives are on the line. Check out the latest page by clicking the thumbnail down down below!

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Chapter 26 Page 11

Yeah, we’re having our update on Friday. I’m working hard to get things back on schedule, both of the new pages are done, and the next pages are just starting to get drawn. So here’s the next page to chapter 26 ready for you’re reading pleasure, as usual, click the thumbnail below to read the latest page.

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Chapter 26 Page 10

We’re getting back to regular updates everyone, sorry once again for a week without updates. Well, this week we are ready to embark on the main plot line of this chapter. That’s all started up in this page update right here. Click the thumbnail below and see our latest page!

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CHAPTER 26 Page 9

I’m so sorry to everyone for the delay, I got thrown off track last week with some other matters. But we’re finally moving again on chapter 26 and a new page is up today. I’ve already got the next page in the inking phase and we should resume some smooth sailing. As usual, click the thumbnail below to view the latest page.

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